I Got The Last Laugh! A Stage Play Inspired By The Life Of Jackie "Moms" Mabley

The moving world premiere of the stage play inspired by the life of Jackie "Moms" Mabley.

TBG Theater in Midtown Manhattan presents the world premiere of guest production: I Got the Last Laugh! This riveting stage play inspired by the life and times of one of the first African American Comediennes Ms. Jackie "Moms" Mabley. This stage performance is nothing short of a true honor to the legendary comedic icon Moms Mabley. In it, the actors are able to capture the essence and passion that Moms became synonymous for. Her life modeled that of determination against adversity, preservation and of an inner will power that was unmatched during a period in time when women dared to voice and laugh in the manner in which moms mastered. Being invited to the white house and mingling amongst concrete political and religious leaders, give but a glance of the barriers that Moms was able to break down through her laughter.

"I Got the Last Laugh" is unanimously nothing short of a hidden gem that proves that true theater and heartfelt stories such as the one inspired by Moms still exist and that through them they enable a bridge from the footsteps of the past into the walk ways of the future. The heritage of American theater and comedy has a true lineage of passion, hard work and finesse that of which hasn't been seen on this platform for many decades.

Executive Producer Anthony T. Harbin and Director Mikell Pinkney have brought together a master piece in this Juneen Bowers, James E. Carter and Catrina Ruffin written piece. Anthony Harbin being personally sought after for this project due to the masterful execution of his past works. The passion evoked through the actors is simply masterful and displays a mirrored replica of the inspiration and spirit that could only be attributed to that of the legend herself Moms Mabley. This theatrical presentation will leave you speechless and is already taking the theater district by storm with requests for future production in Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia.

For Theater & Ticket Information visit: http://igotthelastlaughjackiemomsmableystory.webs.com
The world premiere is running in New York through Sunday September 29th 2013

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