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I Am ... For Kids Inspirational Affirmations

Inspiration affirmation CD intended to assist children develop a positive self esteem.

Inspirational CD for children "I am ... For Kids Inspirational Affirmations" by Joseph Abreu offers an innovative way to reinforce your child's self-esteem. It is now available on national websites such as AMAZON and Ebay.

The CD is intended to be played in the background, at bedtime or while a child is asleep.

Joseph Abreu conducted extensive research throughout his journey to understand the direction of his own life. He had read and listened to many books on changing one's life. To make a change, one must start by changing one's thoughts. In theory, it sounds like a very easy transition. Unfortunately after many years of living, it is amazing how many negative thoughts we have collected and allow to grow extensively in our brain. In order to "retrain" the mind, he began by listening to and recording positive affirmations. This opened a whole new world of thoughts and opportunities. Truly a positive experience, he wondered why he had not researched this sooner.

During his long journey of self-discovery, he realized that his son was disinterested in school and homework. He wanted to save his son from years of aimless living and lack of a true desire for life. He decided to record a positive affirmation CD for his son and play it while he slept. Within a couple of weeks, his son began to show interest in school, even requesting additional homework from his teacher! He also began to exhibit more enthusiasm and energy in everyday activities.

Joseph decided to record a more soothing version of the CD and to share it with other parents who might find themselves in need of positive affirmations for their own children. In the busy world we live in, we simply do not have the ability to dedicate nearly as much time as we should to our children. We are all traveling our journey of life on the quest for happiness. This CD is a tool that may work for your child as well as it did for Joseph's own child. I am...certain you and your child will enjoy it!

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