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Hybrid In-house and Cloud Solutions Now Available

Rank my Web now offers a unique and effective networking and data solution to meet any business need

There are many circumstances where an on-site server system is definitely the best option. It offers great security and access and direct contact. On the other hand, Cloud-based server solutions are viable as well because they offer good security, limited management and more flexibility. It is this conundrum that many corporations face when deciding on which IT path to choose.

Rank My Web is pleased to announce a new hybrid solution that is a blend of on-site networking and secure off-site Cloud-based solutions. Large corporations that still need a local server in there facility, but also want to be on the secure cloud can choose to setup a Hybrid Cloud environment. This may consist of (private, community and/or public as well as dedicated offsite) servers that are bound together.

"There are so many scenarios in business today," commented Uri Levy of RMW, "and we want to be able to address and meet the needs of any of our clients, no matter what their circumstances. Our program, similar to Amazon cloud and Microsoft Cloud gives any company the full range of options it needs."

Interestingly, some of the largest internet service and solutions providers do not offer such a service. This, among other things, is what sets Rank My Web apart. This new hybrid solution comes from the constant vigilance of a company that goes the extra mile to serve its customers and expand on its own abilities to meet their needs.

One of the great benefits to the RMW hybrid cloud program is that each server can be managed and manage different systems or databases, yet still communicate and work together. This not only allows for more compartmentalized processing but also provides for greater security and stability.

Here is an example of how this hybrid environment works. A company may desire to store sensitive client data on an in-house server connected to the cloud that feeds data to a billing software which sits on a public cloud. All of which is backed up to a dedicated server in an off-site server facility.

Hybrid cloud environments require a dedicated on-site server setup as well as a remote server or servers. In this way, a cloud-based system can be fully integrated with a business' in-house network. Rank My Web has years of experience creating and maintaining exactly this type of scenario and offers it as part of their overall business support and marketing solutions. The company believes that this gives themselves and their clients a distinct advantage over such other options as 1and1, Google and GoDaddy.

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