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Huwa Reserve Launches a New Beef Cuts Diagram Feature on Their Website!

Huwa Reserve, an online all natural beef store, just released a new cuts diagram feature on their website.

Huwa Reserve, a new online natural beef store, has just released a new cuts diagram feature on their website.

This app allows customers to interactively view different regions of the cattle to see where each steak, roast and all other cuts come from. You are also able to learn more about each region - what it's known for and how to prepare the cuts.

The cuts diagram on is one of the few places on the web that allows website visitors to visually learn more about their cuts of beef and to learn how to cook cuts they may never of heard of.

Huwa Reserve invites you to explore the new cuts diagram app at

Huwa Reserve also offer its customers a variety of ways to purchase beef including, bulk beef, grilling packages, individual steaks and steakburger. You can also purchase Huwa Reserve beef as a gift for family, friends and colleagues.

Cattle from the Huwa Family Ranch are fed 100% vegetarian diet and all of the grains and feeds fed to Huwa Reserve cattle are grown right on the Huwa Family Farm. Cattle from the Huwa Cattle Company Ranch are also never fed any growth hormones or steroids and Huwa Reserve beef is all antibiotic free*.

The beef from Huwa Reserve is known for its marbling, tenderness, taste and juiciness. The Black Angus herd and the management techniques the Huwa family employees has led them to have some of the best all natural beef on the market.

Please visit to check out the new cuts diagram and to learn more about our all natural beef.


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Huwa Reserve
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