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HTN Ventures Limited attracts new potential clients and customers to the real estate opportunities offered by the property market of British Virgin Islands.

British Virgin Islands are formed by the group of 36 islands. The total area of the state is 59 square miles. Still only 16 islands are populated. This state is an ideal place for those who love fishing and diving. This are can also bring solitude for those who seek it.

This offshore zone is one of the most popular. The foreign companies which operate on these islands do not have to pay taxes. The information about investors and stakeholders is protected by the law. All these issues attract foreign bodies who acquire commercial and residential real estate here, despite the fact that units here are almost the most expensive in this region. Former British colonies were never cheap in terms of real estate. The rent of a small villa or apartment will cost $3000 a week and this is not the top price. During the hot season or New Year the prices may far exceed the point of $4500 per week. Those who think of the real estate acquisition for buy-to-let aims will have to get the permission of local authorities. In general the income from letting the unit on lease reaches the mark of 3-6%. The taxes for land plots are different. The owners will have to pay $150 for the first acre and $50 for other territory units.

Right now HTN Ventures Limited concentrates on the residential units. The experts of HTN Ventures Limited believe that current investments will protect the funds of the company form the second wave of the crisis. The analysts of HTN Ventures Limited also state that investments in expensive and exclusive real estate are the most stable and well-protected.

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