HTC M8 Is One of the Best Designes in 2014

Goal 25 is still a little while away, but the HTC M8 is displaying off more of its covering every day. It now looks like this cellphone will be mostly in accordance with the HTC One style.

Goal 25 is still a little while away, but the HTC M8 is displaying off more of its covering every day. It now looks like this cellphone will be mostly in accordance with the HTC One style, but there is more than enough changes to create this experience like a exclusive encounter.

The HTC One was a big cope because its style split the pattern a bit. The the almost entirely steel structure, the sound program on the top part, and a exclusive Ultrapixel digicam that offered amazingly good outcomes, the One just experienced like a well created cellphone. Still, it was not without its mistakes. The nasty joint that ran along the external rim of the cellphone often showed up to have holes between the steel and the nasty (and if you did not have that issue when you purchased the cellphone you most definitely had it after you decreased the One for the first time).

Thanks to leaking offered to Dork.com, we've got a look at the top of the HTC M8 along with some information around the relax of the cellphone that set it apart from the HTC One.

The top of this cellphone is important because it is the biggest focus of nasty on the whole cellphone. There will be no nasty joint going around the external rim of the M8 like there is on the One. The only other position you will discover nasty is the two pieces across the returning. HTC has realized out how to remove the unwanted nasty but sustain stereo durability.

You can also see that the energy key is on the right part of the cellphone, where formerly it had been on the remaining. The earphone slot does not appear in this picture at all, so it is most likely on the end of the cellphone next to the small USB slot.


According to our resource, HTC has not yet arrived on a name for the HTC M8, but the most typical name used to it currently is the HTC One. This has been lately corroborated by well known leaker EVLeaks.

If HTC keeps the same name as the forerunner to the M8 — instead of contacting it the HTC One 2 or something foolish like that — it would allow them to create a range of annually modified components under only one advertising. That way they would have the One range and the Wish range of mobile phones.

Regardless of what it is known as, this cellphone will be coming in five shades. You will be able to buy the HTC M8 in the shiny steel the One was initially launched in, as well as a deeper steel or gun steel colour, silver, red, and red. Aside from getting rid of the all dark edition, it's not completely different from what its available for the One right now.

HTC will be formally introduction this cellphone during a media occasion in London, uk and New You are able to on Goal 25, where we'll understand all about this unusual double digicam program and what HTC has in shop for the next creation of their components. From what is proven here and in all of the other leaking we've seen so far, especially with the new HTC Benefits commitment program on the way, it looks like HTC is about to affect it out of the recreation area again.

SOURCE: http://www.new-phones-coming-out.net/search/label/HTC

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