HSP Friendly Epic Fantasy Book, The Pearl, Starts The Saga Of Elearah Chronicles

On February 10, 2013 was released in Amazon Kindle the book The Pearl, by Sandra Martinez. A long awaited arrival that took a year in the making, the book is one of the spare publications targeting HSP fantasy lovers.

Sandra Martinez, owner of Empath Zone Community and writer of the book Empath Basics, has embarked on the difficult task of creating a fantasy story that is at the same time interesting, fast paced, and respects sensitives.

"I´m very happy with the result, it is the type of book I like to read. I hope people enjoy reading The Pearl as much as I enjoyed writing it." The author said.

The story happens in a parallel world also called Earth, during the end of the bronze period in a place similar to the North of China.

Balian, Elearah and Mika (three of the main characters) are almost at their destination - the Goddess Sanctuary in the Spirit Mountains - when the Duke of the land requires their presence. This detour leads the characters to the epicenter of a war, and allows the reader to know more about them and their past.

Do they ever arrive to the Sanctuary? There is only one way to find out.

Excerpt from the book:

When he reached the fire, he saw Balian´s eyes looking for confirmation. He nodded slightly.

The captain saw the silent contact. "Am I missing something?" he asked.

"A lot, my friend," the bard answered with a small pat on his arm as he returned to the fire. "But that is how life goes... we choose, and we miss everything we didn´t choose. There is nothing we can do about it. " The captain sighted in dismay.

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