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HR&P Offering Offering ASO, PEO and Payroll Services to Businesses in San Antonio, Texas

HR&P offers the highest quality human resource outsourcing and Employee payroll solutions to a diverse pool of clients. Contact us Today.

Businesses turn to HR&P for their entire Payroll and Human Resource needs. HR&P is the leading Professional Employer Organization of San Antonio, Dallas, Austin and Houston. San Antonio, TX is the seventh most populous city in the United States of America and the second most populous city in the state of Texas. It was the fastest growing of the top 10 largest cities in the United States from 2000-2010, and the second from 1990-2000. San Antonio has a diverse economy which consist of financial services, government, health care, technology, media and tourism. San Antonio enjoys a diverse industry portfolio that continues to strengthen and build.

HR&P proudly serves Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston TX and is a leading human resource and payroll service organization servicing small and mid-sized companies. HR&P is currently providing payroll and human resource services to companies in San Antonio. Businesses in San Antonio, TX continue to outsource their payroll and human resource functionality to us. We eliminate your administrative and compliance nightmares by processing payroll, managing benefits, and overseeing human resource issues, HR&P makes your workforce flexible and able to meet your changing business demands.

HR&P Offers Following Services to Businesses:

1. Administrative Service Organization (ASO)

Complete and customized Administrative Services are provided by HR&P.

2. Professional Employer Organization(PEO)

Complete and customized Professional Employer Services are provided by HR&P. PEO services utilize a co-employment methodology. Your staff will utilize HR&P's tax ID's for federal, state and local purposes and employees will be covered under HR&P's Worker's Compensation program.

3. Payroll services

HR&P offers complete and customized Payroll services such as payroll processing, payroll outsourcing, pre-employment and other payroll related services.

HR&P offers customized human resource and payroll solutions & provides you more time to focus on your core competency, innovate and grow.

1. We stay up to date of the latest regulations from the federal, state and local level so we can proactively advise you regarding current and upcoming employment-related issues.

2. It is our goal and commitment to develop a set of solutions for each client that suits their needs and deliver those solutions at the highest level of service and quality.

3. HR&P offers you solutions using first-class technologies that allow for more accurate and easily accessible records. Our online capabilities include everything from entering payroll to reviewing employee files.

4. Payroll and HR can easily consume your time. Let HR&P lift the burden of your employee-related responsibilities so you can focus on growing your business.

5. We've built a reputation on providing exceptional customer service and administrative solutions that help companies improve productivity and profitability. By combining our resources and highly experienced staff, HR&P has the ingenuity, expertise and dependability you deserve. From basic to complex, we custom tailor our services to fit your needs.

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Human Resources & Payroll (HR&P)
Human Resources & Payroll (HR&P)

Human Resources & Payroll (HR&P)
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