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HPV Symptoms: PolyDNA Releases New Video on Youtube Addressing Symptoms of HPV Infections

polyDNA, a biotechnology firm that designs scientific, natural remedies recently developed and released a new video on HPV symptoms and a natural remedy against the latent HPV virus.

polyDNA, released a new video on HPV symptoms and remedies this past week. The new video, entitled "HPV Symptoms: Info You Need to Know" was released on So far, the video has gained over 300 views, and 7 "likes."

Mike Davis, of polyDNA said, "I hope that the views just continue to go up. We feel that we have a genuine remedy against the latent HPV virus, and this video is just a great way to provide information and get the word out."

The video can be seen here:

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection. Although the CDC says that in 90% of cases, the body's immune system clears HPV naturally within two years, sometimes the body has trouble clearing the virus. In these instances, symptoms such as genital warts or dangerous cervical changes can occur.

"The key to your health is to reduce the level of the chronic viruses in your body to harmless levels." - Dr. Hanan Polansky

polyDNA agrees with Dr. Polansky and thus points out an HPV remedy called Gene-Eden-VIR that boosts the immune system against the latent HPV virus.

By helping your own body's immune system to keep the numbers of latent HPV virus down, you are also lowering your risk of developing genital warts and some forms of cancer...without potential side effects. That's why Gene-Eden-VIR is so important!

You may have questions about the efficacy, safety, and cost of Gene-Eden-VIR. These are great, easily answered questions.

Gene-Eden-VIR is highly efficient against latent HPV; each ingredient was chosen through a scientific approach. PolyDNA scientists scanned thousands of scientific and medical papers published in various medical and scientific journals around the world in order to identify the safest, most effective natural ingredients that target the latent (sleeping)HPV Virus.

Gene-Eden-VIR is remarkably safe. There are no reports of side effects, and it has been on the market for over three years. Each capsule contains a patented formula of five all natural ingredients including selenium, camellia sinesis extract, quercetin, cinnamomum extract, and licorice extract. In addition, each bottle is GMP Certified.

People can easily access these scientific papers on the ingredients of Gene-Eden-VIR on

Gene-Eden-VIR is sold online through the Gene-Eden website. This lowers operating costs and allows savings to be delivered to polyDNA's valued customers! Each bottle of Gene-Eden-VIR (a one month's supply) costs just $34.99.

Moreover, ordering Gene-Eden-VIR is completely secure and confidential.

Visit now to order!

To learn more about Gene-Eden-VIR, the only product on the market today that helps the body maintain low numbers of the latent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and that is scientifically backed by published material, visit or call our American line at: 585-250-9999.


polyDNA is a biotechnology company that develops dietary supplements using Dr. Hanan Polansky's scientific method. Dr. Polansky published the highly acclaimed scientific theory on the relationship between the DNA of latent (chronic) viruses and the onset of chronic disease.

polyDNA developed and is marketing Muxscle, a natural pill that increases physical strength by stimulating the signal that nerves send to muscles.

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