How You Can Get Rich Sharing Your Expertise and Passion With Others

Uber entrepreneur and marketing expert Mark McClure unleashes his new audio program "Sitting on Millions". In this shocking expose, McClure unveils the secrets that have made himself and other entrepreneurs millions globally, sharing their advice.

With millions of people consistently stressing about their job safety and how they are going to pay their bills, there is a hot new book that has just been released that promises put an end to all those worries. "Sitting on Millions", by uber entrepreneur and marketing guru Mark McClure, is a step by step guide on how you can take your passion and expertise, whatever that maybe, monetize it and turn it into a fortune. McClure discloses the exact same strategies and techniques he has cultivated and perfected over the past 20 years that has allowed him to take his own passions and turn them into best-selling books, infomercials, coaching programs, speaking engagements and seminars that have spanned 4 continents, and numerous other income generating streams he has created by simply sharing his expertise and passion with others.

"it absolutely amazes me how people go through life, dreading their job, dreading their existence, living pay check to pay check and envying those around them that are making money, traveling and enjoying life, when the secret to their own happiness is right underneath their nose. You heard the old saying, do what you love and you will never work a day in your life? Well, with my Sitting on Millions program, I am going to take you by the hand and show you step by step how to take your passion, whatever that may, model airplanes, travel, food, knitting, flowers, whatever it is, I am going to show you how to pull that passion out from within in you and turn it into an extra $500 a week to $50,000 a month or more in consistent income," McClure stated.

Our Interview With Mark McClure

Mark, I read your book and listened to the audio program Sitting on Millions, and found it fascinating how people truly can get rich following this advice. But my question to you is, can ANYONE do this?

Absolutely 100%.I will give you a few examples; I have a friend who sells real estate, Brian Moses, who for several years was considered one of the top agents in the real estate industry worldwide and he has now taken his expertise and turned it into a million dollar plus business by sharing his real estate sales strategies with other agents. I know of florist who wrote a book on flower arrangements who now makes over $150,000 a year selling her books and monthly newsletter online to other florists around the globe and makes up $2,500 a day for speaking engagements , all by sharing her advice as a florist. Or the auto mechanic who recorded an audio program teaching other mechanics on how to increase sales for their business, and now pulls in an extra $200,000 a year by selling his audio program online simply marketing it to other mechanics and coaching them. Look, people are hungry for knowledge, hungry for information that will allow them to become better at what it is they do and believe me there is a market out there for almost any topic, and a segment of people that will gladly pay for your expertise and advice. If you are unhappy in your job or sitting home right now reading this article ask yourself, could you be making more money? Do you want to be making more money doing what it is you love and teaching others on how to do it? You only live once, why not live it doing what you love and making money in the meantime. And in Sitting on Millions I am going to teach you exactly how to do it, word for word, technique for technique.

You have stated in another interview that "Sitting on Millions" is essentially a blueprint anyone can follow, regardless of their educational background and in under 30 days create a home based business selling their advice on a subject they are passionate about with almost no out of pocket expense?

Exactly. Sitting on Millions is the blueprint that I have created and perfected on how to take that expertise you have, that passion, and package it up in a way that will generate for you consistent money. You see, I learned early on that the way to make money in any business is 1) obviously do something you love because if you don't love what you do or love what you sell, how are you going to convince others to buy from you. And two, is find a niche within the industry you are passionate about and exploit that niche. Trying to market yourself by being all things to all people within your industry is very, very expensive because you're trying to hit all segments and spreading yourself and marketing dollars to thin. However, by finding a niche, one you are passionate about, which we talked about early in the show, you are able to devote all your money, time and resources to that smaller segment and in the process establish yourself as the expert, and in some cases even charge more for your product or service than you would normally charge because you are seen as the expert. Much like the auto mechanic I mentioned earlier who makes over $200,000 a year selling his marketing secrets to other mechanics, and thousands more every month coaching them on the phone and giving them one on one advice. He is seen as the expert in his field and has carved out a very profitable niche within the auto industry. And that is what I teach you in sitting on millions, is how take your expertise, carve out that niche and then how to market it effectively and economically to your target market.

For example, maybe you are an expert on fly fishing and want to share some of your secrets to other fly fishing enthusiasts. Great. I will teach you how to put together a book, booklet or online newsletter on the subject, length doesn't matter it's the information you are selling, then I will teach you how to make money off it instantly by target marketing it to other fly fishing enthusiasts, and the beautiful thing is you can do this without any inventory, because your customers can simply download from your site with literally no product costs to you. If you are not much of a writer, then put together a simple audio program people can download, the choice is yours. But it doesn't end there, as you begin marketing yourself as an expert in that field you can start mentoring and coaching other fly fishing enthusiasts if you choose and make money off that with a monthly coaching business. From there put together a seminar business for fly fishermen and create an income stream off that. The outlets to make money giving advice on your expertise is endless. You see, life is too short to work in a job you have no passion for and to work in a job that is dictated by the economy. If you want to create a lifestyle with financial freedom you have always dreamed about, then you need to work in a business that you are good at, passionate about and have a talent for and I am going to teach you how to do it. Because if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

Mark, thanks for spending the time with us today.

If you are interested in firing your boss and turning your passion and expertise into an extra $500 a week to more than $50,000 a month or more, go to to download Mark McClure's new program ASAP. Mark's Sitting on Millions Bootcamp kicks off in Bangkok, Thailand this February and will be conducted throughout Asia and Australia until the end of July then brought to the United States in early August.


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