How To Write A Press Release Quick And Easy
Work your way towards a perfect press release—is probably the best advice there is, when asking how to write a press release that commands attention. There is no shortcut to this. Your writing has to start somewhere, and you should be contented at first with what is produced at first pass.

Like all other writings, the key is in rewriting, rewriting and rewriting. Even great writers say that if allowed, there is no end to rewriting. Because there will always be that opportunity to refine and polish your work. Somewhere along the way, you will just have to settle for the best you can come up with given the time.

How to Write a Press Release Correctly:

First – Your Headline. This should be able to catch the attention of your audience, especially journalists. Here, your readers should be able to get an idea what your story is about. So make a good impression here. In this way, they will be convinced that there is something of value they can get if they read on.

Second – Your First Paragraph. This paragraph contains your whole story—answering the Who, What, Where, When, etc—of your article. For most, this is referred to as the key paragraph since it basically contains the gist of your release.

Third – Your Second Paragraph. Here you will find the details. While the first paragraph is more of a summary, the second paragraph gives the readers the detailed facts and figures. All necessary information will be placed here.

Fourth – The Quote. Usually, the top guy in the firm will be quoted here, with his remarks elaborating on a product offering, new service offering, new appointments in higher management, company mergers and the like.

Fifth – The Fourth Paragraph. This will be the last paragraph where you will have the chance to state more facts. Don’t overdo it though, and keep it as brief as you can.

Sixth – Mark with “ENDS” and then place the Date.

Seventh – The Contact Information. Place your business’ contact details here.

How to Write a Press Release – And Writing it With Style

The above guidelines will be a basic guide. But check with where you will submit your release, and ask for more details. They might have additional requirements and some tips for you. Take note that there is no hard rule in writing your press release, only good rules of thumb.

When writing your release, just keep it straight to the point and don’t put more words than necessary. You have limited space to work with, and these are better used for important points. Besides, a simple message will be appreciated more by the reader—so be direct.

It will also not harm if you can write your release with style. It is not classic literature, but make your writing appealing to your readers. Make it interesting: you owe it to them. The more you are able to capture the minds of your readers all throughout, the better it will be for you. However you should do it, as long as you keep them interested in what you have written, then do it. Make your press release work to your advantage.