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How to Store You Favorite Pasta Right - Why Glass Containers Are Ideal

Pasta is an absolute family favorite and is usually cooked in big quantities to feed the whole family but sometimes a portion for the kids or yourself is enough, so what is the best way to store the rest of the pack?

Which pasta comes to the table today? Although pasta is never missing in most pantries, many people tend to always buy their favorite variety, usually classics like spaghetti, fusilli or macaroni but there is so much more variety waiting to be discovered. There are probably enough types of pasta out there to cook a different one every day of the year!

Long pastas, round or square pastas, farfalle, penne and spaghetti in various sizes not to mention special types with eggs or gluten-free varieties. With the choice of pasta available in most supermakets these days it is certainly not a problem to bring varitey to the table!

The great variety of different types of pasta is the result of traditions that often have their roots in ancients times. Especially when it comes to the shape of the pasta, generations of Italian nonnas and chefs came up with an abundance of varieties. Today you can even buy shells, butterflies or wheels and even dinosaurs, and cartoon characters can be found.

If you often cook small portions, for the kids it is important to store the rest of the bag afterwards properly, so they don't get wet or dirty. Ideal for the storage of pasta are glass containers with a proper closing lid. Italians are true pasta lovers and know this. The Italian glass and tableware manufacturer Bormioli Rocco has therefore created a line of containers that is perfect to preserve pasta perfectly and even looks great on the kitchen shelves.

The preserving jars(http://myhome.bormioliroccocasa.com/) from the line Pandora are simple and elegant. Transparent and equipped with a screw-on lid they keep the pasta fresh until the next meal. To discover the full product range visit the „My Home" online catalog on the website. For those who love cooking: On the site are a big selection of delicious pasta recipes available! The site offers many authentic Italian recipes.

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