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How To Raise Chickens At Home and Stay Healthy

Hello, i am Katrina James, a medium level former. Have you ever played Hey Day or Farm Villa on your cell phone. have you ever thought about raising your own chicken in real life. if you thought so, let me help you establishing your goal.

Before raising these little chicken in my backyard I just play farm games on my cell phone. And one day i got the idea of making my own little farm in backyard. I have red many blogs and websites on chicken to get started and come up with clear plan and got it done in few weeks. Now i want to share my plan with you guys. I can't wait to share it because i am pretty excited about it. Believe me it has a lot of fun. Even more than the game you are playing on your cellphone.

All right guys, you want to be a chicken farmer like me. Let me tell you something. My mom is lived in village before marriage. i know the stories she told me when i was kid. i still remember how her family manage a big farm in the village. How they take care of chickens, cows and fish farms. Actually she is very happy for me, she said Katy you remember me my child hood. Love you kid. That feeling is very amazing when your mom say you like this.

Anyways let's continue with our plan. Let's start with our goal. You should keep in mind the following question before taking next step.

1- How many chickens you want to have at start

2- How much space do you have in your backyard? It will help you
decide expansion later.

3- Is tap-water available in your backyard easily?

4- Do you have small or big garden at home. Because the fertilizer you get from chicken helps you grow vegetables and fresh tomatoes.

Now you all ready to take the next step. Before buying baby chicken you need proper safe setup for your chicken like coop. you can buy chicken coop online from amazon or search chicken coop plans.

After completing all the setup consult your pet doctor about purchasing baby chickens according to your location and environment.
Congrats you are going to be a chicken farmer very soon.

Katrina James

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