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How to Prepare for CPC Exam?

Being a Certified Coder improves the skills and knowledge of a person in medical coding process.

Getting coding certification is not an easy task. And it requires people to pass the exam successfully. The candidates who attend a coding certification examination like CPC, should have good knowledge in areas such as,

1. Anaesthesia
2. Radiology
3. Pathology
4. Diagnosis coding
5. Medical Terminology
6. HCPCS medical codes
7. Coding guidelines

Before taking the coding certification exam, one can refer the study the study guides from AAPC website. To attend the CPC coding certification, the coder must be well experienced and skilled in coding. Otherwise the candidate can only attend CPC-A certification which is the apprentice level certification program.

Information about Examination:-

Cost of Exam:-

The cost of the examination is $300 and luckily if the student is enrolled in AAPC students can get a discounted fee of $260.


The CPC examination consists of 150 multiple choice questions.


The exam duration is 5 hours, 40 minutes.

Resources allowed:-

Approved coding manuals and writing on them must not contain any word definitions. Only the AMA standard professional edition is allowed and not the expert edition.

ID proof:-

And the candidate who attends the exam should have a government-issued photo ID.

Exam Scores:-

Once the exam is taken, the results are announced in the AAPC website within 5 to 7 days. The exam scores are mailed as hardcopies within two weeks.

These are some of the few tips for the students or coders who attend their CPC exam. Thus Coding certifications are very essential for a coder to improve his skill level in medical coding. And being certified can give a coder good job opportunities as well as better payment based upon the company's geographical location.

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