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How to Play Fantasy Cricket Leagues in Daily Fantasy Cricket

The following steps provided below to play fantasy cricket leagues in daily fantasy cricket

Daily Fantasy Cricket provides good entertainment for all cricket admirers. It is the best site to play and relish with online friends. Let's see the steps to play leagues in Fantasy Cricket.

First the user have to login with the help of FB account or by direct signup.

In dashboard there are several Fantasy Cricket Leagues available. User has to enter in any of leagues and should form a strong team and that should be picked under the provided salary cap.

Head-Head League - It is a league played between head to head users. It is a challenge made by a user to another. It might be a free league or a paid league.

Group League - This league like between two or three groups and it depends on the no. of users, the group size will be.

It is like team work and everybody should play well, only then a group can win the league. It will be more exciting when play with friends.

Freebie Leagues - These leagues are available in dashboard with default orange color.

Just user has to enter and form a strong team in it. Winners will be awarded cash prizes at the end of league instantly. In this there are daily leagues and series/tournament leagues are available.

Daily Leagues - This league is for a single match, user with maximum fantasy points will be provided cash rewards.

Series/Tournament Leagues - This league is for entire series, user with maximum fantasy points at the end of the series will be receiving a pot of cash prizes in his lot.

So start to play Online Fantasy Cricket Games and win amazing cash prizes instantly.

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