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How to Make Successful Stock Investments by Mr. Preston Finn ( Senior Portfolio Specialist at Michael Bogner Austria )

Investing in the stock market can be a great way to make money. Purchasing stocks investments offers a potential return that is much greater in comparison to interest earned with standard bonds or savings accounts.

Here is some advices form mr. Preston Finn of how to invest correctly.

Believe in the stocks you purchase.

Never make stock purchases based on hot tips or bogus projections.
Carefully analyze a company and study its fundamentals before deciding to invest in its stock.

Keep yourself cool.

The stock market is volatile and fluctuates from day to day.
Stay calm and avoid overreacting when your stocks dip in value.

DON'T expect to get rich quickly.

You have probably heard stories of people making millions on the market in just a few days.

This is a rare exception akin to winning the lottery. When purchasing stock, you must think over the long term.

Chasing stock performance and taking huge risks to hit it big is a bad move.

DON'T forget about the cost of expenses.

You pay brokerage and transaction fees every single time you buy or sell shares.

If you make a habit of selling stock for small gains, this can make a huge dent in your overall profits.

DON'T Give up on the market.

There are risks associated with investing in the stock market, and it is likely that you may suffer temporary losses at some point.

Do not let this overwhelm you or cause you to pull out of the market entirely.

In spite of the inherent risks, investing in the stock market is a smart idea.

We all who work in Michael Bogner know that investing in stock is one of the best things you can do to protect your financial health.

You must, however, invest intelligently. Follow the simple do's and don'ts contained in this article, and start making smart stocks investments.

"Investing in stocks is probably the best way for securing your life and the ONLY way of making your money working for you, not the oposite".

Preston Finn ( Michael Bogner Austria )

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