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How to Lower Your Translation Service Costs?

Many European companies operate their businesses in the Chinese and Asian markets. Demand of translation is the indispensable ingredient for business globalization.

Previously, many European companies were considering technical translation agency in Europe. But, Europe being a pricier and a higher living indexed country as compared to China, the price of technically expert translators and infrastructure is significantly higher as compared to the Asian market. This high cost paid by European translation companies, translates into higher costs to clients. High cost is always an issue for technical translation services.High rates of agencies force businesses and organizations to move to the Chinese market for their translation needs.

A value added service always merits higher priority when the task is to translate a language into multiple languages based on the local language of region. Translation demands an efficient team of native translators, Quality Control and Assurance, localization and desktop publishing experts. A translation company that provides experienced professionals with a quality product at low and fair prices will always prevail as compared to high cost translation companies that are not able to justify the inflated costs. The main impediment faced by a technical translation agency in Europe is that they are not able to offer low costs to clients. With the flourishing and ever growing demand of translation, many translation companies are available in the Chinese markets that are able to provide quality product at reality low cost.

CTC Translation & localization solutions provide value added services at comparatively lower prices. We help the client to save substantially by suggesting the following:

1. Cost of document translation is quantified and based on the number of words translated. Client can cut down the cost by using concise and straight forward content in the documents to be translated. For e.g. a user manual having a sentence: "A pop up message with two buttons OK and CANCEL will appear on screen. Click on OK button to install the application." This sentence could be written in a more straightforward fashion as "Click on OK button to start installation".

2. Using Translation Memory, client can cut down the cost of translation of various versions of technical document. Translation memories stores the translations of one language to other. Using translation memory, one can avoid the retranslations of already translated text and thus can save cost. Now the payment for only newly added text is paid.

3. Using pictures and graphics with less or no embedded text in user manual or website client can easily reduce the cost of translation. Use of graphics can simplify the understanding and usability. It also helps to convey the message in a succinct and effaceable fashion. Client can use them to replace text. The pictures with no entrenched text to translate seldom needs localization. Only graphics related to culture demands localization, but in a technical document, technical translation services need not localize graphics. This saves efforts of translation agency and correspondingly reduces the cost to client

4. By avoiding switching file format from old version to new version, the client can reduce the cost of translation.

5. By reusing the old translated files client can help technical translation service to minimize the task of translation reviewing, localization and quality assurance and this too saves cost to client.

These slight yet subtle techniques make a huge impact to the overall costing of the exercise.

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