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How to Gain Physical Recovery After An Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery in India

After undergoing successful joint replacement surgery in India the patient should strictly follow the rules of physical therapy. In this way the patient can save himself from post surgery complications.

After undergoing joint replacement surgery, the patient is shifted to a recovery room and will be kept under the close observation for some hours. After the affect of anesthesia is finished the patient becomes awake, then the patient is shifted to a special ward where he has to stay for 3 to 5 days. The time of discharge will depend on the progress of the health condition of the patient. In case if the patient experiences sudden chronic pain then he can neutralize it by using pain killers. Now a question comes to our mind, how to recover from joint replacement surgery.

Trying physical therapies and exercises :

If the muscles are deprived of performing physical activities then they become a victim of muscle atrophy. This leads to wastage of muscles. This condition might occur within a couple of days after getting the surgery. Muscular atrophy leads to shrinking of muscles and muscular apoptosis. Physical therapy is suggested by doctors to avoid this condition. Physical therapy helps to strengthen the joints of knee, shoulder and hip by doing small but powerful exercises. This usually starts almost after the surgery to prevent the formation of scar tissues. A learned physical specialist will teach you doing some basic exercises so that the patient might regain his strength and start displaying locomotion of joints within the least span of time. These exercises are recommended to the patient even after his getting of discharge from the hospital. After getting discharge from the hospital the patient has to follow the exercises of physical therapy upto four weeks.

Beware about medical complications :

The procedure of replacement of joints carries low potential risk and infections and their rate is not more than 2%. But this does not mean that the patient will never meet any complications. The blood might clot in the leg veins due to long time span of immobility. This might give rise to serious complications if the blood clot travels and reaches the brain of the patient. In order to avoid this complication surgeons recommend patients to make use of compressive stockings.

No need to become complacent :

With the passage of time the artificial joint implant becomes strong. Thus the use of walking tools like crutches and walkers will not be needed anymore. Some patients may decide to become complacent and start skipping physical therapy exercises and ignore the symptoms of surgical complications. Thus the patient should remain devoted towards his responsibilities and continue doing exercises of physical therapy. This should be done till the surgeon grants complete clearance from physical exercises to the patient.

Scope of joint replacement in India :

India has a vast scope for orthopedic procedures like joint replacement surgery. There are many advanced and sophisticated orthopedic hospitals in Mumbai and Chennai that are providing minimally invasive procedures of joint replacement at a minimal price. Due to this reason patients from abroad destinations are arriving to India in large numbers. These patients have sincerely appreciated the specialties and facilities of Indian healthcare system.
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