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How To Find A Chocolate Diamond You Can Afford

Colored diamond rings, particularly champagne and chocolate diamonds, are becoming more popular for a variety of reasons.

Colored diamond rings, particularly champagne and chocolate diamonds, are becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. They have gained a lot of attention as they are worn by celebrities at various events plus they have been creatively marketed in recent years with appealing names, but the other reason is simply their stunning beauty. The problem is natural colored diamonds, often called fancy colored diamonds, are very expensive because they are rare. They occur in nature much less often than the traditional clear or white diamonds. But because of the demand for these fancy colored stones the gem industry has found ways to create some that are more affordable.

Size Matters

One of the ways to find chocolate diamond jewelry at a price that is more affordable is to buy jewelry that uses small stones. Because smaller stones are more prevalent they are also more affordable. One option is to find jewelry that uses small stones to create an appealing pattern, maybe even one that is blended with other gems like small white diamonds. It costs less to buy a ring with multiple small diamonds that add up to one carat than it is to buy a ring with a single carat diamond.

Natural vs Cultured

Because a natural colored stone can be quite expensive, and out of reach for many of us, another option is to consider buying a cultured diamond. Cultured diamonds can go by many names including synthetic, lab-grown or created. While these names may not make them sound as enticing these man-made versions are still considered genuine diamonds, they are just made by humans instead of mother nature.

Because they can be created in a controlled environment they can be made in a couple of days instead of the million years it takes mother nature to make a similar diamond. The growers have learned how to speed up the same process that occurs in nature and as technology has evolved they have also learned how to make a variety of colored diamonds. Since cultured diamonds are easier to come by they are much lower in price than natural colored diamonds.

Diamond Treatments

Diamond treatments are used on some low colored diamonds to enhance their color and make them more desirable. But before you buy an affordable colored diamond that has a treatment it is important to know a little about the treatment that was used because different treatments may have varying lengths of durability and some will require special care to ensure the intended appearance of the stone is preserved. Treatments used to enhance color include irradiation, HPHT and coating.

Always go to a trusted jeweler if you are looking to buy genuine diamonds or gemstones. If you want an affordable chocolate diamond it is important to know the true story behind the stone so you can understand why a specific piece of jewelry is more affordable, whether the diamond was color enhanced, man made or something else. This way you can make an informed decision about whether or not this is the right piece of jewelry for you.

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