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"How To Draw A Portrait Of Jesus"

Publisher of inspirational Christian art workbooks. "How To Draw A Portrait Of Jesus" presents a new and powerful devotional dynamic to the religious experience. This remarkable workbook provides an exercise in spiritual sensitivity that enhances and

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An inspirational Christian art workbook that shows anyone, regardless of previous artistic ability, how to make a beautiful halftone shaded pencil portrait of Jesus based on the proportions discovered in the famous Shroud of Turin.

"How To Draw A Portrait Of Jesus" brings a new devotional dynamic to the religious experience. Many other religious systems in the world utilize hand made graphics as part of their prayerful expression. Up until now, Christianity does not. "How To Draw A Portrait Of Jesus" brings the worshipful experience for Christians of all ages into the tactile arena. To trace His face with your own hands; to gently develop the shaded forms; to watch the eyes become lifelike under the subtle touch of your pencils; the mouth to appear to be smiling at you personally; the overall countenance developing under the gentle pressure of your own fingers ... this experience raises the Christian consciousness in marvelous ways.

Finally, you have a self made icon suitable for framing that will always be a reminder of your relationship with the spiritual dimension of your being.

Published on durable 110# card stock, This durable workbook can be used over and over to repeat the experience for yourself or to pass on to friends and relatives with whom you would like to share the same devotional dynamic.

"How To Draw A Portrait Of Jesus" is available from the publisher on line at, Barnes and Noble Bookstores, and through many church gift shops in the USA and Canada.

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