How Should a Trendy Website Look?

Website is the company's modern business card. It is the first piece of your company that every user who is interested in its services sees. In order to maintain the attractiveness of website, Retina images and HTML5 is used.

Web developing: separate blocks and video at the background

HTML5, widely used in programming, provides new experience for visitors and ensures the improvement of designers and programmers. As the CEO of JSC "Gamadigi" Julija Moisenko says, more and more companies in Lithuania who want to update their sites use HTML5 to adapt their websites for use on mobile devices and update the general appearance of their websites.

"HTML5 programming enriches the user experience: the content is fast loaded, full of colors, resizable banners and pictures. The high dynamic is created when using scrolling. All these features are extremely valuable when trying to fulfill the needs of the consumer," - claims Mrs. Moisenko.

"Companies are using icons and pictures to transfer their desired message to the user instead of plain text. The typography itself is changing as well. For example, the use of large font size is becoming increasingly popular," - the CEO said.

According to J. Moisenko, there are a couple of page styles that become trendy every year.

"When talking about the web page structure, we can distinguish several dominant characteristics of the modern webpage. One of them is the construction of pages with a fixed toolbar. When navigating down, the toolbar navigates as well. It may remain the same as it was at the top of the page or transform into a smaller box. Such programming solutions ease the surfing of the webpage on mobile websites. Another trend are the websites created from individual blocks of information. Such sites display all of the content in a single page, using blocks and pop-ups to show all the necessary information"- Ms. Moisenko told.

One more innovation worth mentioning, according to J. Moisenko, is the video material in the background of the site. It significantly reduces the amount of the text, and the message, website has. Another advantage is that this enables the companies to give the desired message to it's viewers directly. The biggest problem of such sites, however is slow loading speed.

The design decisions that guarantee success

The CEO of the joint Finnish and Lithuanian company highlights the need to respect the main and well-established consumer demands when designing. The company's logo is placed on the left side of the top of the site, language icons - as well.

"The creation of design is intuitive. It develops itself when thinking about the brand, provided services and the main message that is supposed to be transferred to consumer. The user needs easy navigation and quick retrieval of information and he must be satisfied all the time," - stated the CEO.

According to the expert, in order to achieve the best possible solutions, the attention should be focused on Retina displays and photos, vector graphic, the previously popular image storing format - Gif. Adding to that, the popularity of Flat UI design is growing quickly.

"The pixels at Retina displays are closer to one another than we are used to. It creates a greater contrast of the videos and pictures, giving them better resolution, making them more attractive. Graphics are no less important. When using vector graphics the images are created by drawing geometric shapes. Raster graphic is the opposite - it is a connection of millions of separate dots. Simply put, the main advantages of vector graphic are high quality and low space taken on the server," - the head of JSC "Gamadigi" shares. She adds - "The revival of previously used and forgotten Gif's is an interesting phenomena. Gif's are way more practical than video material. The information of a Gif is concentrated, squeezed to the minimal size. What is more, this format is not loadable, so the image is visible immediately."

When talking about the future trends J. Moisenko predicted the breakthrough of Duet - mobile programming with a Flat design.

"Everything is moving to mobility. The design development starts from mobile devices and adapts to computers only later. Flat design, dominated by easily understood minimalism, can be called one of the main trends too," - J. Moisenko completed.

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