How Recent Graduates Can Stand Out In Today's Economy

What recent university graduates can do to be successful on their career progression within the current economy they are facing.

China is the world's second largest economy by nominal GDP, and the world's fastest growing major economy. It is also the world largest exporter of goods, meaning that China's economic importance has grown dramatically since the 1980s.

Considering all of this, it is surprising that comparatively few European and American university students choose to intern in China. The language barrier can be an issue, and China can be an expensive place to intern when flights and other expenses are factored in.

Why intern in China?

While countries such as the US and the UK are recovering from the recent economic downturn, opportunities await in ever-growing international corner of the world!

With its economy remaining strong, China has become a real focus for many multinational companies and is viewed as the next growth engine as the country's consumers market expands and become less price-sensitive.

For that reason, knowing how to do business in one of the most significant centers of economic growth, being connected to China's business network and understanding the Chinese business culture will be seen as valuable skills to have.

Is it difficult to work in China if you don't speak Chinese?

Learning the local language is definitely beneficial in helping you to communicate and integrate within the local community, however companies such as CRCC Asia assist with the language barriers that intimidate many potential interns. With CRCC Asia, English is the only language requirement, however basic Mandarin classes are provided twice a week, and in addition interns also have the option of taking intensive Mandarin language courses.

What sorts of internship experience do you find employers value highest?

Every employer is looking for a specific skill set that match the skills necessary to perform a particular job. But beyond these job-specific technical skills, there are certain skills and experience that are almost universally sought by employers including communication and interpersonal skills, dedication and strong work ethics and adaptability and flexibility.

An internship offers the opportunity to learn, cultivate and develop such employability skills and personal values that are the critical tools and traits you need to succeed in the workplace.

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