How Future Scheduler Helps To Schedule Important Task?

Future scheduler is the best scheduler app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry phone. It allows to schedule text message, calls, social media post and Emails for future date and time.

Its time of technology and all works can be done by smart phone and internet banking. However, sometimes it happens that forget to do an important task and have to repent for this. Just suppose, stuck in a meeting and need to send an email to boss or team mate regarding another meeting or important discussion. How to do that? Its simple that can't send email between your meeting or seminar, but its not impossible as you can do both task at the same time. Yes, there is an app in market named as future scheduler that allows to schedule text, message, call and emails to selected contacts. If there is need to send an email, text message to contacts, then it can be schedule. Therefore, whether you are in meeting or away from desk ,app will send email to added contacts from your device. Future scheduler is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. For more features of this app see this

It would be nice approach to take a look towards its features so that you may know about its functionality. If future scheduler needs to be integrate in one sentence, then it would not be wrong to say that its your personal secretary that schedule and arrange your personal tasks such as calls, message and emails. Here are enlisted some features that you will love to have in iPhone.

Automate the recurring events and tasks on your mobile phone.

It schedule:
Phone Call
Text Message
Social media updates such as Facebook and Twitter

If still suing old methods to remember future date and time, then leave all of them and schedule task easily with amazing scheduler app i.e. Future scheduler.

All these are common features that you can find in future scheduler. Its available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry.

Features for iPhone:

Sync it with device calendar
Regular snooze function for reminder
Easy import contact option from Facebook
Having option of multiple recipients for text and Email
Intuitive and user friendly interface

New features for Android

You can set account email alerts in full auto mode without asking for user confirmation

You can post social media updates to friend's walls
Easy account management with Facebook
Improved support for Galaxy Nexus device

Features for BlackBerry World

Its feature are the same as iPhone. However, it would be good experience to have future scheduler on your BlackBerry phone. You can also schedule Phone Call, text message, Email and social media updates. You can recur events once, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. It provides you log of scheduled activities. For more information please visit

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