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How European Toy Businesses Are Keeping The Toy Market In Growth

The world's toy industry is simply enormous, turning over close to €62billion in 2010.

The world's toy industry is simply enormous. Turning over close to €62billion in 2010, the industry as a whole showed year on year growth in value of 4% on traditional toy sales in 2011 across its top five markets, despite the world's economic woes. The world's appetite for toys remains strong and is driven by innovation.

One of the key observations of the TIE organisation (Toy Industries of Europe) is that success within the toy sector, which is dominated by SMEs, is heavily dependent on businesses abilities to innovate fast enough to cater to the ever changing needs and desires of consumers. This results in an above average level of investment into market analysis and research and development in order to fuel the pipeline of new innovation. With the European toy sector being one of the most dynamic business sectors in Europe and second only in size to the US, approximately 60% of toys launched into the market each year are newly developed products, providing an indication as to the pace at which this particular industry moves.

A company that has demonstrated the ability to commercialise and rapidly bring to market an innovative range of heatable toys is the Northamptonshire based Intelex Group. Since pioneering the original and hugely successful Hot Pak® in 2005, the Intelex business has gone on to develop its heatable technology and apply it to all manner of exciting new products, ranging from its vintage inspired range of Hot Pak® boots, slippers, bottles and neck-wraps which is proving popular with the female adult demographic, to the toy segment, bringing to market the wildly successful Cozy Plush®, range which has sold over 10 million worldwide since launch in 2005. Within the plush toy segment, Intelex has launched Beddy Bears®, Pillow Heads™, Dusty Pups™, Wild Warmers™ and more recently the Pure Bliss™ range of plush cushions and luxurious toys, all with removable heat pack. In 2012 alone, Intelex has launched over 9 new ranges and 88 new products, including the on trend Hooty™ owls, Trolli™ the dual purpose back pack and wheeled suitcase in one, Candy Warmhearts® Ragdolls and Socky Dolls™ tipped to be a best seller for Christmas 2012. What consumers love about the Intelex products, is their duality as a soft toy or accessory with the ability to be warmed and provide relaxation to ease nagging aches and pains, or provide comfort and warmth as bed companions.

For more information on the Intelex range of products, please visit the Intelex website

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