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How Effective Is Body Hair Transplant?

Body hair transplant is a fairly new idea and most medical experts have not been able to comprehend or embrace it yet.

Body hair transplant is a fairly new idea and most medical experts have not been able to comprehend or embrace it yet. However, there are advantages of this treatment because this method is revolutionary enabling transplants to people whose hair supplies are very low. In most cases body hair is taken to be unnecessary so using it for a follicle donor can make it purposeful.

Moreover, the chances of scarring become lesser because the doctor does not have to make big wounds in order to extract the donor hair from the scalp. People who have attempted this method have got satisfying results especially when a competent surgeon has done it as he can match the characteristics of the hair to the donor sites that can be utilized.

The disadvantages of using the body hair transplant method

Hair is never the same everywhere on the body. They will always be a difference in their growth pattern as well as their texture. Surgeons have observed that because of the lack of consistency in the texture of body hair, it can still be used as a good filler hair.

Another disadvantage of body hair transplant is the lack of research done on this subject as it has been newly introduced in the world of medicine. However, this cannot be taken as a limitation because as this method becomes more popular amongst people, there will also be more research on it.

Facial hair transplants- an innovative idea!

Genetic or scarring limits facial hair growth in some areas of the face. However, once a man becomes a recipient of a facial hair transplant, he can shape, mold or grow his facial hair as he wants. If you want to undergo this treatment, you can speak to your physician for reference of a specialist. For a beard hair transplant, the specialist will examine the area in a detailed manner and discuss the limitations and benefits of the procedure as it can be expensive.

The new procedure of hair restoration will take a few hours only after which the patient can resume his normal life style within a day of the procedure. There may be some side effects like a distinct redness at the area of surgery and some inflammation. However, most men feel that these side effects are a very small price to pay for the confidence and self esteem that their new beard instills in them.

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