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Plastic Enclosures - Box Enclosures is a Manufacturer of Plastic Enclosures - Box Enclosures can design your electronic plastic enclosures within 1 to 3 weeks.

Box enclosures is a manufacturer of plastic enclosures. It can design many types of electronic plastic enclosures. It is designer, manufacturer and supplier of injection molding plastic enclosures , handheld electronic enclosures , instrument cases and anodized extruded aluminium enclosures. Box enclosures have years of product assembly experience. It has full product assembly services.
The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified firm. It is one of the leaders in PCB assembly industry. It has latest equipments and capabilities as largest giants. It is established in 1990.It has lead free RoHS in production. It has factories in USA as well as in China offering best technology and best quality.It offers services to sectors such as Telecom, Semiconductor, Industrial equipment, Medical equipment, Wireless products, Aviation and Consumer electronics.

The company specializes in product design and injection molding of custom plastic enclosures. It is very experienced with two shot molding and over molding rubber materials on plastic. The company has a new high speed EDM , high speed wire cutting EDM and new high speed 5 axis CNC machines. The company is experienced in providing tooling for high precision injection molding. It is required when molding products with extremely tight tolerances. High precision tooling is completely done in China and is worthwhile as low labor cost allow for attention in detail which is expensive in West. The company is proud of rapid tooling capabilities and offer prices well below those charged in USA.

Tooling time is much less than for a conventional tooling. The tool life is same as for conventional tooling . Rapid injection molding has several benefits such as prototypes in production molding in short time frames. It allows full fit and function testing. Any design flaws are discovered early on. The low cost of tooling allows for ease of geometry modification and design refinement. Box Enclosures manufactures many types of custom plastic enclosures for computer devices such as modems, routers and PDA cradles, phone chargers, electrical devices, fire alarms, plastic enclosures and many other types of enclosures. Customers can provide any enclosure specifications, design, drawing or custom plastic injection molded part and the company can assist the with design, tooling , manufacturing and assembly production along with the required logistical support.

Box Enclosures has large variety of equipment to manufacture products for almost any plastic application. The company has small and large plastic injection molding machines ranging from 30 up to 2000 tones in size. The company has shipping facility which helps serve customers all over the world. It is capable of molding custom plastic enclosures in all types of engineering grades which require close tolerance specifications with superior quality. The company has various CAD software programs to assist customers using most of today's programs.

Box Enclosures has various capabilities which include bonding, painting, printing and basic assembly for custom plastic enclosures with electronic components and other hardware. The company makes sure that all of the delivery needs of customers are met. The delivery from China can be made to any location in the world. The delivery from USA factory provides next day service to any city in USA.
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