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Houston Furnace Expert Discusses the Value of Furnace Inspections

Murray Kaiman of HousePro Heating and a recognized HVAC pro, talks about the safety and cost-saving benefits of Houston furnace maintenance.

"While Houston winters are sometimes mild, residents want their furnaces to work when they flip them on," says Murray Kaiman, of HousePro Heating. Investing in a quick system check to ensure it is working safely and efficiently is a valuable first step.

"Just like you change the oil and get a tune up to protect your car, getting routine inspections of your heating system protects it from minor malfunctions as well as serious dangers," adds Kaiman, a Houston and Sugar Land heating expert.

A tuned up HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) unit operates at its most efficient levels, which saves energy and money. A pre-season inspection can help homeowners avoid emergency repairs when the heat doesn't work on a chilly morning.

There are other benefits to an annual tune up. By cleaning dust and particles from the furnace, as well as ensuring mechanical parts are well-lubricated, area homeowners can often avoid major repairs. In addition, some HVAC manufacturers require annual or biannual inspections to maintain a valid warranty.

The safety benefit received from an annual heating system tune up is paramount, as furnaces often develop unseen leaks or blockages that might endanger Sugar Land and Houston area families. These problems develop from physical cracks in the furnace's heat exchanger or punctures in the natural gas supply line. In addition, blocked vents to the outside and leaky furnaces can cause carbon monoxide poisoning through natural gas emissions into the house.

People and animals are at risk of illness, or potentially death, when carbon monoxide poisoning occurs. The gas is undetectable, until problems such as headaches, fatigue, nausea and dizziness develop. A natural gas leak can also cause a fire. Natural gas is flammable, and explosions can be sparked from something as simple as a lighter, computer or a lighted candle.

"A routine HVAC system inspection should include a check of electrical connections, system controls, and heater exchange, as well as lubrication of moving parts, a carbon monoxide test and thermostat calibration," says Kaiman. New heater installation is also available.

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