House Parti Reveal The Advantages Of Having A New Helium Gas Supplier After A Four Month Helium Gas Shortage

Suppliers of party products in the UK, House Parti, reveal the advantages of having a new helium gas supplier, after four months without one which have cause prices to go up for helium products everywhere.

House Parti, party wholesalers based in the UK, reveal the advantages of having a new helium gas supplier, in the wake of a four month shortage of helium gas, as experienced by party wholesalers and retailers worldwide.

Helium gas has been in short supply for the last four months, as natural supplies of the gas ran low. Providers of the gas have been searching frantically for a new source from which they will be able to provide to their customers, and one such provider managed to find a new source, restoring the supply of helium gas to House Parti and their retailers.

Having a new supplier of helium gas allows House Parti to provide to retailers that have been suffering for the last four months with increased helium gas costs or none at all. Some retailers had stopped selling helium products, as the cost of the gas was too much for them to be able to sell an affordable product at the end and still turn a profit.

House Parti is now able to supply helium gas and helium gas products freely to retailers across the UK once more. A Customer Service Representative for House Parti commented, "having a new supplier of helium gas is such a relief after the last four months. Now we can resume our regular service to retailers across the UK and bring down the prices of helium balloons and other products for consumers everywhere."

The new supplier for House Parti comes in time for the Christmas and New Year period, when people will be purchasing more helium balloons and gas tanks than at any other time of year for parties, clowns and selling huge numbers of balloons through the festive season.

House Parti is a supplier of party products based in the UK. They have a wide range of products, all of which are available for retailers to purchase and provide to their customers through the holidays.

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