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House Of Play Announce Their Research Into Safe Play For Children With Learning Difficulties

House Of Play, leading manufacturers and suppliers of indoor play equipment in the UK, today announced their research into safe play for children with learning difficulties.

According to the DLF (Disabled Living Foundation) there are around 77,000 children with disabilities who are under the age of 16 in the United Kingdom. That number equates to the same as 1 child in 20. With such a large number of children with disabilities, living in an able bodied world, it can be quite difficult to find places for them to be safe in.

For children with physical disabilities, play time can be increasingly difficult. This can lead to their play being limited, leaving them unable to practice and further the motor skills that they can employ. Upon providing a safe, indoor play centre for these children, the door is opened to them to a world of freedom and play.

Soft indoor play centres are favoured by parents everywhere. They give their children a place to roam and be free, all year long. Because soft play centres are situated indoors, the weather cannot affect them. This is a good thing for children and young people with disabilities who find themselves affected by the weather. Giving them a place that is safe from this and other things, is a way to ensure the happiness and comfort of both parent and child.

A child with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) may find themselves better off in an indoor soft play centre than another place. This is because they are given free rein in a place that is filled with toys that they cannot harm themselves or others with, and have a contained space in which they can work out their hyperactivity. This also gives the parents of the children a place to keep their child safe, whilst being able to take a break and relax themselves.

Soft indoor play centres can encourage children with motor disabilities to work their bodies, in a more fun way than physiotherapy would do. They are also able to interact with the children around them, meaning they can develop essential socialising skills, whilst furthering their movement skills.

House of Play is a reputable supplier of soft play toys, designed specifically to keep children safe and entertained. They are a company that recognise the diversity of the children who may use their toys, and try to incorporate this recognition into every aspect of their toys. When it comes to creating their toys they try to be inclusive of everyone who may use them.

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