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Internet viral video sensation, actress and comedian Lauren Francesca, recently honored with Entertainment Weekly's Best Web Parody (2010) for a "Key of Awesome" Lady Gaga Telephone video spoof is preparing to launch her own YouTube Channel, Monday, - Internet viral video sensation, actress and comedian Lauren Francesca, recently honored with Entertainment Weekly's Best Web Parody (2010) for a "Key of Awesome" Lady Gaga Telephone video spoof is preparing to launch her own YouTube Channel, Monday, Valentine's Day.

Lauren, widely adored for her Lady Gaga and Tron Girl parodies, as well as films such as 15 'til Midnight, has also appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and the Los Campesinos music video "Romance Is Boring," came to veteran NYC comedy writer/producer Jeffrey Gurian to put together a solid team to deliver both laughs and eye candy as only she can offer her fans. Gurian recently has co-produced a documentary with Chris Rock.

Francesca's "Key of Awesome" and "College Humor" comedy videos to date have been a virtual vacuum cleaner for viral video volume, racking up over 200 million page hits not only in the US, but also with a huge appeal in Europe and worldwide.

At an average view of say 3 minutes per video view, do the math and if one person were lucky enough to do all the viewing, it would take approximately 1,141 years, not including time for a cold shower now and then, offered one web statistician who runs her fan site.

Gurian's first script casts Lauren playing a sexy Latina named Besame Mucho, who has been voted by three major men's magazines as "the best kisser in the world." Ms. Mucho is headmistress of "The Academy of Oral Skills," a tough love training and romantic finishing
school of sorts for women who are "orally challenged,"where the lip-challenged go to learn the ins and outs if you will of wordless oral communications.

The aspiring lovers are put through a variety of rigorous basic training exercises to prepare them for pleasure, such as requiring them to be able to push-ups with just their tongues.
The story unfolds both visually and from the lips of Lauren Francesca as Besame, with one kiss from her shown to send any man into a dreamworld / fantasy state. The fantasy scene filmings began last week at Gurian's co-op in Manhattan, where a male romantic recipient finds himself with his dream of being sensuously attacked by a gang of lingerie clad women coming true.

Lauren's Army d'Amour supporting cast had one half dozen or so appropriately cast charming luscious lingerie models sporting a captivating and kinky assortment of fetish underclothing and attire, including eye patches and heavy metal gear. At one point in filming, the eye catching actresses were hanging out in the hall of Gurian's very "behaviorally correct" and rather strict tenant rules co-op just as they were to storm the door of the apartment to overpower the fellow with the lingerie fantasy.

Timing being everything in show business, an elderly couple on the same floor chose right then to be leaving their apartment, and they reacted as one might expect to the sight of half a football team of half naked women trying to break down the door of and charge over the threshold of a neighbor's apartment. Distracted and not noticing the cameras, they acted naturally. They called the cops.

Gurian said, "I had a lot of explaining to do, but fortunately, New York's finest had a sense of humor." While none of the lingerie gang was arrested, the mayhem was compounded by the arrival of and necessary convincing of co-op building security who of course sent in forces of their own to see what was going on. Eventually, expressing some relief, "At least no National Guard, though I'm sure the detail was not considered undesirable duty, the hallway was kind of crowded if you can imagine"

The Besame Mucho video just the first with many more to come, Lauren Francesca is working closely with her team on producing and creating her own distinct style of both provocative and comedic content for not only her own new YouTube channel, and will also launch on St. Valentine's Day a second new channel, this a collaboration with actor, comedian and host Derek DeAngelis,

with DeAngelis, as the title implies, testing his attempts to score big with an expectedly difficult and untouchable target.

And if that's not enough to make Valentine's Day for Lauren Francesca 's fans way better than candy, Lauren will also launch a third channel, featuring other comedy sketches and vlogs that document her life as a rising young movie actress.

The hat trick promise of passion, puns and over the top and steamy comedy will start scorching up bandwidth on Monday, Valentine's Day, Feb. 14th, 2011, exact time and URLs to be announced simultaneously on Lauren's newly emerging and long awaited web site, as well as

Unfolding new information and "breaking love bite" news updates between now and then can be found on the news page of as well as marching orders on how to Tweet the Buzz the rest of this weekend for those who enlist as soldiers in Lauren's Legion of Love can also be found at;

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