Hot Real Estate News: Mel Gibson, Michael Strahan & Ryan Seacrest

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This week's Top 10 homes spotlight at includes a look at Mel Gibson's House of Rant in Costa Rica where a recording of Mel slamming things around the house and screaming obscenities was a severe blow to Mel's movie career. Mel originally put his tropical acreage on the market in 2010 for $35 million, but recently relisted it at $29.8 million. There are three homes in the compound with each of the smaller single-story homes having two bedrooms, vaulted ceilings, kitchens, verandas and their own swimming pools.

In other home news:

One more proof that ". .real estate is never boring" is that a realtor was likely the first of the viewing public to know that Michael Strahan had been chosen as Kelly Ripa's new co-host. How did such a thing happen? Because when he listed his Hermosa Beach, California digs, the media found out and the gossip columns came alive with the big question. Was this a sign that he was the chosen one? After a year of waiting through guest host after guest host, Michael's agent was probably one of the few people who knew for sure. Michael's home is priced at $1,819,000, and it looks like he already has a potential buyer.

After having his home on the market for two years, Ryan Seacrest is finally celebrating. Ryan originally purchased his Hollywood Hills home from Kevin Costner in 2006 for $11.5 million, who bought it from Richard Dreyfuss in 1995 for $2.7 million. Ryan just sold it for $11 million. Ryan recently purchased Ellen DeGeneres' estate for $37.5 million.

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