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Hot New Trends in Glassware Create Need for Stemless Wine Glass Charms

Driven by what people are seeing and liking in restaurants, stemless stemware is becoming the newest rage. Still, people are looking for the same accessories they enjoyed with their old glassware, creating a need for stemless wine glass charms.

When it comes to introducing anything new to the home kitchen and the market of home entertaining, nothing works better than what people see in bars and restaurants. Companies can advertise their stemless wine glasses all they want, they can arrange product placement on shows, they can be featured in the myriad of daytime talk shows - but, until people can actually hold something in their hands, they are hesitant to buy them for their own homes.

One of the latest trends in restaurant glassware is taking the stem out of stemware. Martini glasses that sit simply on a base or wine glasses that have a rounded bottom, these are the hot new looks that many restaurants are going for. There is a reason for that: people are loving the new look. Once they get a chance to see just how exciting (and practical) these new designs are, they are following suit and replacing their old, tired glassware with these innovative new designs.

The one problem that the home host has run into, however, is the fact that, when they are throwing a party, the wine glass charms they have relied on for so long to help their guests remember which glass belongs to what person no longer work. Without a stem to hang on, the charms sit unused in a drawer, and the host has lost the perfect tool for identification, as well as a conversation piece. Woodsy Wino, the industry leader when it comes to wine and wine accessories, has quickly stepped in to fill that void. They have assigned their world-class designers the task of coming up with stemless wine glass charms, and they have responded beautifully. These new charms seemingly defy gravity as they adhere to the rim of the glass, serving the same purpose as their brethren while not interfering with the enjoyment of the wine.

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