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Hospitality Technology Expert Scot Campbell Selected as Chair of Technovation Solutions' Board of Advisors

Campbell is Vice President of Connectivity and Communications at Caesars Entertainment

Technovation Solutions, an integration center showcasing its members' and partners' innovative technology solutions in a simulated end-user lab setting, announced today that Scot Campbell, Vice President Connectivity and Communications at Caesars Entertainment, has been selected to chair Technovation's Board of Advisors.

Technovation Solutions' Board of Advisors is comprised of CIOs and IT executives representing major hotel, casino, gaming, and other hospitality organizations. Campbell, a renowned hospitality technology thought leader, will lead the group in providing direction on the most pressing issues in the industry. With the Board's direction, Technovation members will collaborate to develop, test and deploy end-to-end technological solutions to improve the customer experience.

"We're absolutely thrilled to have Scot chair our Board of Advisors," said Peg McGregor, CEO of Technovation Solutions. "Scot's experience in hospitality allows him credibility among peers and OEM partners that is unmatched. Because of his vast experience, he has his finger on the pulse of the future of our industry and Technovation and its partners will benefit from his thought leadership and expertise.

"I've been in this industry for the last two decades, so I'm all too familiar with the challenge of integrating technologies to provide the best possible customer experience. I'm looking forward to chairing the Technovation Solutions Board of Advisors to anticipate the issues we'll need to solve as the market evolves, and the opportunities we can be ahead of," commented Campbell.

During one-day summit sessions, Technovation Solutions' members will work with foundational technology partners and advisors such as Microsoft and Cisco, to showcase customer/user experience vignettes to the Board as part of a symbiotic relationship. Technovation Solutions plans to replicate the Board of Advisors concept as it enters new vertical markets in 2014. The Board will help the Technovation Center stay at the leading of innovation in the industry from both a user experience and technology integration perspective.

Before joining Caesar's Entertainment, Campbell served as Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Pinnacle Entertainment and was Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for MGM Resorts International. Campbell also sits on the Board of Directors for Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) and Hospitality Financial Technology Professionals (HFTP).

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