Horseplayers Win $4,000 In Real-Money Handicapping Contest

A horseplayer and handicapper defeated only 9 other members in the Cash Is King II tournament finals this past weekend at, and in the process, claimed a $2,500 cash prize. A total of $4,000 was paid out in the real-money tournament finals.

Longtime horseplayer Glen S. defeated nine other finalists in the Cash Is King II tournament finals this past weekend at, a U.S.-licensed site. The Premier Turf Club member turned a +62% ROI (return on investment) into grand prize winnings of $2,500. Two other players, both of whom also earned positive ROIs for the weekend's play, rounded out the top 3 standings and cashed for an additional $1,500 in cash prize winnings.

"I think more contests should be like this with the ROI format," explained the contest winner. "It is much more of a realistic betting format. If I bet like I did during the contests and focus more on the ROI, there is no doubt that I would consistently make more money on the races."

The ten finalists into the Cash is King II championship won their free entry by finishing in the top two of any given month, from August until December, 2012. Wagers could be made online or by phone and on any type of bet that BetPTC accepts through their Oregon hub. Cash is King wagers could be made on any racetracks of the player's choice on Saturdays, August 4 and through December 29. To qualify for contest play on any given Saturday, registered members only had to place a minimum of $50 during the course of a contest day. There was no limit to how much could be wagered, and players were not penalized for missing a contest day.

"We tried to design a contest that would appeal to as many players as possible," explained Tournament Director Rich Nilsen. "Members could play when they wanted, on the tracks and races that they wanted, and on the wager types they were most comfortable with."

"BetPTC has the top customer service on any online site I have ever dealt with," stated Glen S. "They listened to my concerns and corrected them on the new website that they recently released. BetPTC is a great site, easy to follow, and their platform gives you a better chance to make money at the races."

Traditional handicapping tournaments are not designed to appeal to all horseplayers. If the contest is filled with mandatory races at racetracks that the horseplayer doesn't normally play, it slants the playing field toward others in the tournament who play those tracks. Cash money contests, on the other hand, typically require large minimum wagering thresholds or entry fees that price most players out. The Cash is King II contest at removed those inequities and let every level of horseplayer participate. The Cash is King tournament will return in March of this year at

Registration for the future event is quick, easy, and free for members of Premier Turf Club, which is also offering a $100 sign-up bonus for new customers of the online and phone service. Results for the Cash is King II tournament can be found on the BetPTC News page.

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