Horse Trucks Maker Powers Up Vehicles with Rudvan Unique Synchronous Technology

Rudvan, Europe's leader in luxury horse truck manufacturing and sales, uses the Rudvan Unique Synchronous Technology.

Equestrian teams and horseback riders dream of owning the perfect horse truck which, not only houses the animal, but also offers convenience for passengers. Rudvan, an industry leader, is on the forefront of innovation and creativity, offering modern, beautiful, technically perfect vehicles that are consistent with the world trends.

Rudvan is known for spoiking its clients with luxury horse trucks and campers. Utilizing its very own proprietary technology called the Rudvan Unique Synchronous Technology, the company is able to make horse trucks with more flexibility than others. More than anything, Rudvan recognizes the need to effectively transport the strong and powerful, yet equally sensitive and delicate livestock - while prioritizing passenger welfare.

Detailed at, the Rudvan UST is the original, sole innovation available within specialist vehicles sector. RV-UST is characterized by technical components with strong horse compartment surfaces that cover all unwanted elements such as hinges or casings. Because such elements are built on the surface, they are not visible and do not disturb the perfectly smooth exterior.

Notably, Rudvan horse trucks are actual apartments on wheels that are built using only the highest quality materials and appliances. Various compositions of wood colours, modern decoration details, stainless steel, conglomerated, natural stone, glass, natural ceramics, materials and smooth or chamois leather are all offered to suit the client's requirement. A variety of interiors and additional features are also offered to clients.

Emphasizing safety and comfort of passengers, Rudvan vehicles are supervised by systems equipped with a few dozen automatic and semi-automatic functions. Among other things, such components help balance power consumption, provide safety and reliability, and ensure the effective operation of all vehicle functions. Offering convenience at its finest, Rudvan also offers the "Mobile Assistance" service.

Rudvan has been building vehicles used in all European countries for many years, passing all requirements as mandated by each region.

To find out more about the Rudvan range of horse trucks made with the proprietary Rudvan Unique Synchronous Technology, please visit for information.

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