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Hops Aficionado Highlights Brewing Popularity of Kegerators with 18% Surge in 2012 Sales

Hops Aficionado, the information resource for everything craft beer, talks about the increasing popularity of the beer dispensing device kegerator, as demonstrated by the soaring sales figures.

An exploration to a traditional craft brewery sends a beer lover to an exhilarating experience. It is the place where people brew, taste, test, package craft beer as opposed to a factory chugging the beverage and pumping it out in an automated manner. The complex yet flavorful layers of craft beer make it a must-try for celebrations, with a taste so distinctively full and authentic.

Hops Aficionado is an online resource created by individuals share a common passion for craft beer. Founded in 1997 by a group of enthusiasts, HopsAficionado.com has grown in various stages over the years but has always remained focused on its goal of providing information about craft beer. For years, it has been home to the latest news, reviews insights on the beer with a million varieties and styles that offer a satisfying drinking experience.

In particular, HopsAficionado.com presents a comprehensive discussion on kegerators, the popular beer dispenser usually used at home. The website sorts out the best kegerators available in the market and reviews them, before recommending the best picks. Letting visitors in on the latest, HopsAficionado.com underscores that there is evidence of upsurge in kegerator online purchases in 2012. Citing statistics, the website notes that kegerator online sales are up 18% this year over the same period in 2011.

HopsAficionado.com believes that several things led to the rise in this year's sales of the convenient device for enjoying craft beer. Lowered cost of the device compared to 2011, and the free shipping included in most deals are seen as contributing factors. Depending on where they live, online purchasers of kegerators also enjoyed tax savings. In the end, kegerators that have been made more affordable increased the purchasing power of craft beer lovers. The device then became an easily more appealing beer dispensing option.

At HopsAficionado.com, visitors will find valuable tips on the proper use and care of kegerators. The website underscores the four most important elements to keeping the unit in top shape, namely cleanliness, maintaining proper temperature, appropriate CO2 pressure, and safe operation. Information on DIY kegerator building, parts and upgrades are also provided. For people looking for kegerators for sale, HopsAficionado.com is also a must-visit with its recommended picks.

To learn more about kegerators for craft beer, please visit http://www.hopsaficionado.com for information.

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