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Honda Transforms a Fit into a Mixing Deck

Musical artists do something truly unique with the Honda Fit.

Recently, Honda completed an interesting project where the goal was to turn a Honda Fit into a mixing board. This wasn't just some simple feat where a mixing deck, complete with a turntable and buttons, was installed into the trunk, along with a bumping sound system for flair. For this project, Honda, along with a team of musical artists, crafted the entire Fit into one giant soundboard. Buttons and switches were rewired on the inside so a DJ could mix right from the driver's seat. The project even featured a giant turn table for the Fit to ride on. The end result was revolutionary, no pun intended.

The Honda Fit has become a popular vehicle because of its low price and strong fuel economy. Its five-door hatchback set-up is great for drivers who like plenty of cargo options. The Fit also has a strong safety record; just like last year's model, the 2013 Fit was chosen by the IIHS as a Top Safety Pick. Drivers interested in learning more about the Fit can find it at Community Honda in Orland Park.

Outfitting the Fit as a mixing deck, dubbed the "Drivemixer project," began as a campaign to market to Brazil's younger working class. Artists Sam Speigel and DJ Zegon were involved heavily in the project.

Here's what Speigel had to say about the process: "The track was composed with the car in mind, but we made the music first and figured out how to control it after. ... [w]e used the on/off switches in there to turn them into MIDI switches."

This was done by rewiring the switches to a board and through a special computer program, so that each time the shifter was tweaked, for example, it registered with the computer. With a little bit of practice, both artists were able to play the Fit like a finely tuned instrument.

A video of a mix of the Drivemixer Fit in action can be seen on YouTube.

To learn more about the Fit and the different options it has available, call or visit Community Honda. Community is located in Orland Park on 159th Street, just west of S 80th Avenue.

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