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Honda Issues Lawnmower Recall

Walk-Behind lawn mowers present risk of laceration injury due to faulty stop switch

American Honda Motor Company, based in Torrance, CA, has issued a recall on nearly 25,000 Walk-Behind 21" model lawnmowers. The recall is the result of at least 11 reports by consumers that have been linked back to a malfunction in the engine stop switch. The switch can fail, causing the blades to continue spinning after the safety handlebar lever has been released.

The recall involves three models - two which carry the Honda brand and one that is manufactured under the Columbia brand name. The Honda models are the HRX and the HRR. The HRX lawnmowers are red and grey. The HRX mowers are red and silver. Both display the Honda logo prominently on the engine covers.

The following serial numbers are effected by the recall:

For Honda models:
MZCG-8764914 through MZCG-8824353 (in numerical order)
MAGA-2255148 through MAGA-2260227 (in numerical order)

For the Columbia model:
GJARA 3641724 through GJARA 3642215 (in numerical order)

At present, no injuries have been reported as a result of this product defect.

"It is fortunate that Honda has taken such swift action on this issue," said Artin Afsharjavan, Chairman of iFederated, parent company of iRecalls.com. "There are times when reports of not only problems but also injuries related to product defects reach alarming numbers before a company takes responsibility."

Consumers who have purchased lawnmowers by either Honda or Columbia that fall within the affected serial number range are encouraged to contact the company at (888)-888-3139 for information and instructions. Honda warns that consumers should stop using the lawnmowers that are part of this recall immediately. The company says that customers who have registered their lawnmowers are being contacted directly regarding the recall.

"Catching problems like this one quickly is what our site iRecalls.com is all about," said Drazen Alcocer, founder and CEO of iFederated. "Social media has the power to spread information very quickly so that even if a company doesn't take the kind of swift action that Honda has in this instance, there is still far less probability that a defective product can cause widespread injury."

iRecalls.com is a free, open social networking community designed specifically to share and spread viable information regarding product recalls of all manner of description. Safety-conscious consumers are encouraged to establish a free account and take part in this community via http://www.irecalls.com.

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