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Homeless Man Defeats the Odds, Becomes Novelist and Filmmaker

Despite the struggles of being homeless, Mills Cooper, a best-selling novelist and filmmaker, releases 'Generation Curse the Movie' to audiences nationwide.

Mills Cooper went from homelessness, sleeping in abandoned cars and bathrooms to becoming an author, filmmaker after finding God, and is now about to release generation curse the movie with his partner Derek Youngblood. After reading the book generation curse, Derek was so moved by coopers personal triumph that he financed the project and formed a partnership with Mills.

"I made some mistakes in my life that caused me to be without", says Cooper. "I never thought in a million years that I would be homeless wondering where my next meal was coming from. I eventually realized after recommitting myself to the Lord that He had a bigger plan for me and sometimes he isolates you to reveal that plan".

Generation Curse the Movie is a gripping tale of a woman named Elan who, despite her struggles with drug addiction and prostitution she constantly fights to take the GODLY path. Such generation curses that her family inherited sees to manifest as she battles her way towards her goal of becoming the person God has called her to be.

Hitting the Big Screen and already creating a buzz in the state of Florida, the movie has already sold more than 3000 copies in less than a month through kingdom films a Plant City based film outfit established by cooper himself, with co-founder Derek Youngblood.

"With every movie that is released, we are looking to bring the audience good, clean, and quality entertainment, but at the same time constantly striving to win souls for the kingdom of God," says Cooper, president of Kingdom films.

Kingdom Films was developed with the sole aim of spreading Gods word through the entertainment media. In the very near future, the Christian company is set to release documentaries, music videos, and cartoons themed on God and his message of love and goodness.

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