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HomeHealthAideBlog.com was created as an online resource to assist people seeking information to start a career in the home health industry.

Demand for health aides who specialize in caring for people who are unable to take care of themselves due to age, disease or injury and in need of assistance at their homes are on a rapid rise. In fact, a report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that between 2008 and 2018, the number of home health aides will skyrocket to 50% more. The number of individuals needing long-term care is also expected to double by 2050, which makes way for a promising future for the home health care industry.

HomeHealthAideBlog.com is a new website that caters to people who want to jumpstart their home health aide career. Recognizing that the health field is generally on a shortage in terms of health career professionals, the website encourages hopefuls to seek out useful career information, specifically in home health.

HomeHealthAideBlog.com discusses in details the many duties that come with being a home health aide including seeing to the meals and medications of patients, and even do some housekeeping responsibilities. Home health aides are expected to be committed individuals who deliver more than professional services to their clients; they should also serve as an integral support system, offering more that assistance and oftentimes becoming a friendly companion.

HomeHealthAideBlog.com also features the necessary training for home health aides, covering programs that provide adequate background knowledge and basic skills to help trainees in taking care of their patients or clients holistically.

In order to be Certified Home Health Aides, individuals need to take and pass the Nurse's Aide Assessment Examination, which consists of the written and oral segments. Upon passing the NAAP examination, and following 9 to 12-month formal home health aide training, candidates are eligible to participate in any one of the HHA certification programs throughout the United States.

Citing 2010 figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, HomeHealthAideBlog.com notes that the median salary was $20,170 for the year.

To learn more about pursuing home health aide as a career path, please visit http://homehealthaideblog.com for information.

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