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Home Theater Shack Forbids Foul Language and Bans Trolls; The Home Theater Forum Where Respect Rules

Home Theater Shack is an online discussion forum for anyone who is looking for information - or wanting to share information - about home theaters and similar electronics.

There is a certain satisfaction that comes with enjoying a movie or video with excellent sound and picture quality. As a result, many movie buffs want to bring the excitement home with an exceptionally designed home theater. Detailed input and tips from people who share the same passion and experience can make the big difference for enthusiasts who want their home theater projects to result in unique showcases.

Home Theater Shack offers discussions of all facets of home theater systems. Now approaching its 8th year, the website continues to offer enthusiasts the opportunity to share their knowledge by participating in all topics discussed in their various home theater forums.

However, unlike most other discussion platforms, HomeTheaterShack.com goes beyond simply providing information. When people become impolite or offensive in their language, the forum's moderators take steps to maintain a friendly atmosphere by eliminating the nonsense.

"We don't put up with any nonsense and we are SUPER strict. It is our desire to attract a very mature and respectful member base. I suspect there is not even a religious forum on the Internet as strict as we are," explains Sonnie at HTS.

"We do not allow OMG, dang, darn... or similar acronyms and euphemisms, and we have a staff of over 20 moderators who monitor the site regularly," he adds.

HomeTheaterShack.com boasts many helpful forums such as their very popular Home Theater System Recommendations, System Setup and Connection, and Home Theater Design and Construction forums. The website is also home to the free room equalization software, Room EQ Wizard (REW), and is the most popular home theater forum for DIY Subwoofers and DIY Projection Screens. Furthermore, HomeTheaterShack.com has informative discussion of subwoofer equalization devices, as well as subwoofer testing and measurements.

Apart from being a leading source of reliable reviews of home theatre equipment, Home Theater Shack provides ratings and recommendations for Blu-ray movies. Participants receive guidance not only about equipping their home theaters with top-performing gear, but also about maximizing their entertainment time with top-rated films.

Home Theater Shack specifically states that it is not affiliated with any company and is not an electronics retailer offering products for sale. Home Theater Shack is strictly a discussion forum.

To find out more about the friendly community at Home Theater Shack, please visit http://www.hometheatershack.com.

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