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Housing values haven't come back to the levels people need them to be so they are no longer underwater. That is why many people are instead spending the time and money on custom remodel jobs to improve where they are living.

Even though housing values are starting to climb and there are many encouraging signs of new construction, people who took out mortgages in the last few years, right before the bubble burst, are looking at situations that they can't get out of. They love the thought of being able to move into something new, but right now they know they just can't afford to. That is why people who are smart enough to spend their money wisely are looking to work with such companies as Moon Valley Flooring to create custom remodel jobs that will add value to the homes they are already in at a fraction of the price of buying something new.

Working with a professional company like the one that Terry Bowland created and runs assures a customer they are getting the finest quality handcrafted work. When it comes time to trust your kitchen remodel to someone, you want to be sure that you work with someone who is experienced and skilled. The work they do will be more than just right the first timeā€¦it will exceed your expectations of what they could do for you. Mr. Bowland doesn't just oversee all the work that his company does, he personally gets involved in each bathroom remodel from start to finish. He knows that it is his reputation, and the reputation of his company on the line so he takes pride in the work that he does, so much so that when he was asked for a quote for this PR, he just waved off the reporter, saying "My work speaks for itself. Always has, always will."

It is this kind of "work first" mentality that has made Moon Valley Flooring the industry leader when it comes to home improvements, and it is the reason that more and more people, when faced with the choice of trying to buy something new versus doing remodeling work on where they live now, are choosing to stay put and get the house of the dreams right where they already are. They know they can count on a professional job that will make the house not only look as good as it did the first time they moved in, but make it shine like the way they always dreamed that it would.

Jack Terry is a well-known writer and blogger who writes extensively about home improvements.

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