Hollywood Takes Vow In Marriage With Trending Edm/ Trance Recording Artists

EDM/ Trance Recording Artist Bruce Cullen { BlackHoleRecordings.Com } Signs On To Compose Thematic Score For Motion Picture Theatrical Trailer

Hollywood has taken notice of a few recording artists that have captivated audiences with their Electronic spin on the DJ Scene. As the push and demand for music that leaves an enduring artifact or imprint in the soul of the moviegoer remains paramount to the success of any, one motion picture project. Hollywood is led by the nose and forced to go with the trend! With the pulsating and transcendental sound of EDM or Electronic Dance Music, and or, Trance; Hollywood will find itself forever bound in sworn oath to the moviegoer's insatiable appetite for musical scores that truly work, and in marriage to the trending recording artists that will essentially lift up the production value; which in turn, ensures success at the Box Office.

Bruce Cullen was selected as truly worthy from a list of potential suitors for the opportunity to replicate the creative success that accompanies a masterpiece musical score, by composing what no other motion picture musical score has done for a movie, since Jan Hammer { http://www.janhammer.com/fr_home.cfm } composed the theme song for Miami Vice in 1984 says Giovanni Sovereigne ~ Producer/ Writer/ Creator of the Sons of Adam ~The Bourgeois Aristocracy ~ A Secretive Society Thriller Novel.

"Bruce Cullen caught my attention with the intoxicating ' Princess Bay ' & the infectious tracks ' Rum Runners ' & ' 1492 ', in which I effectively live & die by, every day! ", says Giovanni Sovereigne. " I can see the raw scenes play out when listening to Bruce's awe-inspiring electronic take on Trance. I'm able to shoot multiple scenes in my head while listening to his music. For example, His music allows me to feel the Evil energy, behind the murder sequence in Sons of Adam ~ The Bourgeois Aristocracy. I am able to capture and dissect the Evil present in those key killing and murder scene sequences where I'll need to develop without ever having to physically see one committed. It adds the Dimensional effect that I'm constantly ISO. The music score must engage the moviegoer in such a hypnotic way that the moviegoer becomes complicit in the killings & murders, because they're riveted to the seats in the theater, and not running out of the theater screaming for help. This is what makes for believable motion picture, this is why they return to the theater. We intend to give them what they want and more. ", says Giovanni Sovereigne of DREAMFR™ Hâš¡-DEF Labs.

" When I first spoke with Bruce back in the Summer of 2012, I was taken by his confident approach to what I had in mind. I told him that I wanted an Anthem, an Anthemic score for the motion picture trailer. I wanted to rest assured that when the moviegoer exits that theatre, wherever this trailer makes it's debut; that moviegoer will become instantly enamored with the music score, but remain completely traumatized by the riveting ultra-dimensional content they've jus' been exposed to, and yet still feel privileged to be among the select few exiting the theater, who get it, and who in turn, want to engage that world, that Dimension, if you will. The Moviegoer will instantly identify with it, and it's players so much so, that they will, in cult fashion, make every attempt to gain entrance into that dimension, at all costs- That's engaging motion picture. ", says Giovanni Sovereigne.

Bruce Cullen brings that Genius and Dimensional Energy we need to believably pull this off. I, in passing mentioned the Miami Vice theme song, and how I believed that there was ample energy left behind by Jan Hammer, for him to become inspired when composing the score for Sons of Adam; Little did I know, though, that Bruce Cullen felt the same way regarding the profoundly powerful & captivating theme song that effectively brought to life, the Miami Drug Culture of the 80's when the City found itself awash in Cocaine, the Columbians and their Cartels- composed by Jan Hammer ", says Giovanni Sovereigne.

When all was said and done, It was obvious that Bruce Cullen did not have to convince Giovanni Sovereigne of DREAMFR™ Hâš¡-DEF Labs that he would passionately accept, and undertake this monumental task. In doing so, Bruce Cullen has joined the ranks of those who could see the galaxy jus' beyond the one we live in, thereby seizing the reins, as did Jan Hammer when asked to create & compose the Miami Vice theme song.

Bruce Cullen has now set about composing the score for the most anticipated theatrical trailer release yet, by accepting the Torch and holding it aloft for all to see, that he has arrived & possesses the key to unlock- Genius and embrace- Immortality in the Hearts, Minds and Souls of the Moviegoer who knew that the next great musical score was always just beyond the Hollywood Horizon.

For more Impressive background on Bruce Cullen, Please visit the link below:

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