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Green Team Collaborates to Form Epic Global Evolution Defined by New Production Practice

GENETRIX SOCIETY, INC founders, Heather R. Holliday, Kim Kreiss and C. Denning Rodriguez, are dedicated to answering the critical call to bring awareness of climate change to the every day person. The Company brings state-of-the-art entertainment through Tourism Products and Services, and produces spectacular, high definition live event experiences throughout the world - all in line with the GSI goal of illuminating a bevy of sustainable messaging.

GSI, founded in December 2010, will focus on all aspects of the event to have a reduced climate impact, including: ticketing, venue, transportation, offices, food and beverage services, procurement, and production. "After 23 years of working in the entertainment industry, it became clear (to me) that producing events to raise awareness is necessary, but how these events are produced needs to be addressed and repositioned correctly," says GSI Chairman and CEO Heather R. Holliday. Climate-friendly practices will range from waste minimization and energy conservation to using renewable energy and carbon offsets to mitigate emissions that remain after reduction efforts.

"GSI allows me an opportunity to share 'why being green matters' with as many people as possible right from the start, through direct live event experiences. I'm delighted to serve as a pioneering force in this entertainment arena," President Kim Kreiss explains.

"We have done our very best to rework the production system to ensure a reduced carbon footprint and, at the same time, motivate society to get actively involved, so together, we tackle the demand for lifestyle change and make a positive environmental impact," states GSI Managing Director C. Denning Rodriguez.

To learn more about the Company and its educational, recreational and sustainable programs, visit GENETRIX SOCIETY USA "Join Our Journey!"

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