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Hollywood Comes to Englewood, Colorado

Kickstart Movie Magic Englewood, CO: The Human Contact Game, a sci-fi love story with a twist ending, is an original short film project posted on The movie is going to be filmed in Englewood utilizing local cast and crew.

Kickstart Movie Magic

Englewood, CO: The Human Contact Game is an original short film script written, and will be directed by Peter Deak, Owner of Lightsky Videography. The movie is currently on Kickstarter, which is a web site dedicated to funding original projects. By helping fund the movie, sponsors are given a unique behind the scenes step-by-step view into the making of this movie. Depending on the size of contribution, individuals can receive signed copies of scripts & posters, be an extra in the movie, a private screening with cast and crew, and more. The movie needs to achieve full funding by May 12th of 2014.

The movie is going to be filmed in Englewood, Colorado at Brew on Broadway. The film is a sci-fi love story with a twist ending. A soldier, playing a video game that looks real, has to find his soul mate before time runs out. "We have had nothing but positive feedback from those that have read the script," commented MJ Thomas, Producer. All the staff and crew that will be hired for the project are local, thus the money stays in Colorado. MJ and Peter will not be taking any income to get the movie made. "Our goal is to produce a movie of high entertainment quality and caliber to be featured in short film festivals," MJ stated.

To participate in this unique opportunity just log onto and search for The Human Contact Game. Sponsor amounts start at just $5. Incentives increase with the amount of contribution.

For more information or questions contact Peter Deak at 720-244-0674.

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