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Hit Epic Punk Fantasy Series Turns Heads

After a successful debut at New York Comic Con. The Opree Legacy dystopian fiction series is grabbing readers attention with it's intensity and violence

The Opree Legacy: The Promise is the first book in a series that follows several characters as they try to remake the world that is crumbling around them. Taking the classic trope of the chosen one and turns it on its head and challenging our preconceptions of innocence and growing up, it made a successful debuted at New York Comic Con this, turning the heads on the indie publishing scene. Set against the backdrop of impending war and fading hope, characters learn that there is no turning back, no undoing the past and no matter how far they run from it, there will be a time when they must answer for their transgressions. It's a dark world that peppers elements of fantasy as the lives and universe of its characters are shaped through violence and destiny.

L Anna Lenz's strength lies in her ability to write three dimensional characters readers will connect with instantly. This first book is just a taste, a peek into a much larger world steeped in political and social turmoil and the reader is hungry for more. She sets the pace leaving little time for readers to catch their breath as she drags them on an intense journey.

Her dystopian world is painted with a dark beauty that is often a little too familiar for comfort. Corporations and a corrupt government control the world with stark contrasts between the haves and have-nots. Although reminiscent of Game of Thrones with the assortment of characters, political drama and violence, The Promise is an astonishingly unique for a first novel, and Lenz promises at least six more books in this series.

L Anna Lenz is a writer from Long Island, New York. Her experiences and studies have inspired her to push the boundaries of what fantasy can be in terms of depth of character and the introduction of typically dark and gritty transgressive themes.

The Opree Legacy: Te Promise is available at major online retailers such as Barnes & Noble and The E-Book is available on Kindle For more information or a sample chapter please visit

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