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Hikers Dust Off Their Gear And Beard Beanies For The New Hiking Season

Avid hikers are looking to the sky and weather reports for good news and sunshine to help them get out on some hard hikes in the new hiking season.

Hiking season doesn't officially begin until the start of May, when the sun is shining in full force and the ground is nice and hard to walk on. More people are looking to go hiking now however, seeking to take advantage of the sun which is shining and heating up the ice and snow, even if the paths and fields are still a little muddy. Hikers want nothing more than to find somewhere hard to climb and climb it to the best of their ability, hopefully getting in a few good pictures whilst they're there as well.

With a warm winter and early February, hikers are enthusiastic about their chances of getting more hikes in this year due to good weather. These hikers are getting their gear ready for use once again, but they're worried about how cold the weather is, and what effect that will have on them while they're out.

Beard Beanie is recommending that hikers buy themselves a Beard Beanie to help their faces stay warm while they're out and about. A Customer Service Representative for the company commented, "Hiking at the moment is incredibly cold, sometimes to the point where it's unenjoyable. Buying a Beard Beanie and wearing it on hikes will keep any hiker's face warm, and actually help them to enjoy their hikes more thanks to not being constantly bothered by strong, cold winds."

Beard Beanies keep faces and heads warm, helping hikers to avoid sharp winds which are common at this time of year. They also generally help people to stay a lot warmer whilst hiking in any weather, and people need to ensure they stay warm while hiking as they can become seriously ill if not.

Beard Beanie is an online retailer of the original fitted beard hat, the Beard Beanie. They have a huge range of different Beard Beanies for people to choose from, and they are always increasing their range to offer more to their customers.

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