Highly-Controversial Satirical Novel On `Videogames' Released

Highly-controversial novel "AM SO AS" has been released on Amazon Kindle store. The darkly-humorous novel points out how many persons have died throughout history, as a result of books as compared to the deaths that are a direct result of videogames.

A highly-controversial new novel "AM SO AS - A Meaningless Sequence of Arbitrary Symbols" has been released on the Kindle store (www.amazon.com).

The darkly-humorous novel points out exactly how many million persons have died throughout history, as a result of books (such as: Das Kapital, Mein Kampf and The Holy Bible) as compared to the deaths that are a direct result of videogames (less than a hundred).

The novel has been hailed by critics as "The Voice of the Videogame Generation" in that, it captures the current zeitgeist ("spirit of the times") of the current "Videogame Generation" - much like "The Great Gatsby" and "On The Road" did for The Jazz Age, and The Beat Generation.

Fans of "The Catcher In The Rye", "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" and Flann O'Brien's "The Third Policeman" will enjoy the work, as it sits firmly in the Bangsian Fantasy genre (the novel's Narrator is, in fact, dead).

The satirical magic-realist novel AM SO AS follows the story of 18-year-old American, OSCAR VELIKOVSKY, a wannabe Videogame Designer. After a vision in a dream, Oscar visits with world-famous 82-year old Game Designer, Godfrey "Call me God" Velikovsky in his Beverly Hills mansion - and soon learns the art of Game Design, before attempting to assassinate Godfrey "The Great".

The novel sends up all Religions, "Mentors" (in the "Hero's Journey" sense) and spoofs Nietzsche's claim that "Game Designers are the new Gods" and also that `God is dead'.

Notably, literary critics have pointed out that the novel is a highly-creative work - in that the middle chapter of the novel, Chapter 14-and-1/3 is in fact, an actual primer on Videogame Design - and even includes an actual Game Design for a present-day videogame called "Second Coming" where you play as Jesus, with an AK-47. Enemies include pirates, ninjas, and Sarah Palin.

The satirical novel explores the world of Videogame Development (written by a videogames industry-insider) - and also features real-life famous Game Designers: Ernest W. Adams, Noah Falstein, Professor Henry Jenkins, and others.

See also: am-so-as.blogspot.com/ and am-so-as.webs.com/ for more on the novel.

The book, priced at a "mass-market" e-book price point of $2, can be purchased online at the Kindle store www.amazon.com/ , under "AM SO AS" by Oscar Velikovsky - or directly at:

AM SO AS on Kindle: www.amazon.com/dp/B004XW2GDK

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