High Profile CEO Life Sciences Delegation from Montpellier, France, Announce Their Visit to America

Chief Executive Officers representing five flagship Medical Technology companies from the city of Montpellier, France, will visit Minneapolis, New Jersey and New York during a one-week trip (December 5-10, 2011) to develop Foreign Trade.

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) representing five flagship Medical Technology companies from the city of Montpellier, France, will visit Minneapolis and New Jersey during a one-week trip (December 5-10, 2011) to engage in a busy and substantive program designed to stimulate collaborations with US Medical Technology and other life science companies located in Minnesota and New Jersey.

This program is supported by AGGLOMERATION MONTPELIER, the Economic Development Agency of the City of Montpellier and its surrounding counties. The program is designed and operated by MedNest, a US-based enterprise and developer of innovative medical technology companies.

With one of the oldest (created in 1220) and still active Faculties of Medicine in Europe, Montpellier's research, academic and entrepreneurial community has grown consistently in life-science related fields. Today, with 1,200 researchers in Life-Sciences, 7,000 students in health and pharmacology, the 4th largest academic hospital in France, Montpellier has generated a vivid portfolio of innovative companies that are expanding internationally.

"This program will generate growth prospect for the all the participating companies and reinforce the fast growing strong relationship between the US and our Life-Sciences Ecosystem", says Valerie de Saint Vaulry, Head of International Development at the Montpellier Agglomeration.

The program offered to the delegation includes several workshops to address key challenges of introducing Medical Technologies to the US markets, ranging from clinical and economic evaluation of these technologies to possible business models for foreign companies to create a footprint in the USA. Regulatory (FDA) discussion is regularly included in the program.

"This is the fifth and 2011 edition of this Transatlantic Economic Development program, and the compounded economic impact for the US ecosystems is poised to be significant in the coming 2-3 years" says Mathieu Petitjean, Ph.D., CEO of MedNest

During the program, CEOs will be exposed to multiple targeted business development and technology partnership opportunities with several US companies. All the companies will participate to the 10th Annual Life Science Alley Conference & Expo (Dec 8th 2011, Minneapolis), a high profile MedTech industry event, with more than 200 organizations represented in the Exhibit Hall and a strong Conference Program.

The five companies from Montpellier are in the following technologies and markets:
. Patient Mobilization Equipment to position and prone patients in the ICU to facilitate respiratory recovery while reducing operating burdens on the ICU staff.
. UHF RFID tags on paper. By eliminating the need for a plastic substrate, such RFI Labels are 10 to 30 % cheaper than traditional ones, and more sustainable.
. High quality reagents for diagnosis in laboratories and for Point of Care testing, both for veterinary and human health.
. Healthcare knowledge Management solutions, to create or enrich Standard of Care compliance, resulting in defect reduction and operational effectiveness.
. A digital framework for the Senior Chronic Disease care team and its family, that combines a HIT platform and a Call Center, to activate positive reinforcement and reward mechanisms, resulting in more effective therapies and the prevention of associated psychological conditions (e.g. depression)

Companies interested in connecting with the CEOs from this Delegation are invited to reach out to Agglomeration Montpellier or MedNest.


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