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High Precision Motorized Rotation Stages

PI miCos offers are large range of High Precision Motorized Rotation Stages with many different motor drives.

PI miCos offers are large range of High Precision Motorized Rotation Stageswith many different motor drives. Classical ball bearings and air bearings are available. Here is an overview of the different product lines:

High End Ultra-High Precision Line of Air-Bearing Rotation Stages
These are equipped with a high resolution scale encoder and a direct-drive torque motor. Resolution down to 0.00002 degrees is achievable, with wobble down to 1.25 micro radian. The air bearing stages also excel with very low eccentricity of ±0.07 μm.

UPR Ultra Precision Rotation Stage Series
These Stages are very similar to the air bearing stages but are equipped with high precision mechanical bearings.

PRS Precision Series of Rotation Stages
These stages are equipped with worm gear drives and are offered with stepper motors and servo motors with rotary encoders.

DT Miniature Rotation Stage Series
The DT series was designed for applications where very small loads need to be positioned precisely.

Belt Driven Rotation Stages and Filter Wheel Rotators
These provide high angular speed up to 4000 degrees per second, are very compact and can take up to 6 filters.

Piezo Motor Rotation Stages
Piezo Motor rotation stages allow for the most compact design. They provide resolution in the micro radian range and a very low profile .

PI complies with the US laws for export controlled technologies and provides R&D & engineering & repair services as well as applications support. The PI family of companies employs more than 700 people world wide with design, metrology and manufacturing facilities on 3 continents. PI is known throughout the high-tech world for its leadership in the design and manufacture of nanometer-precision motion control equipment

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